Pay Stub Generator


Pay Stub Generator

Use our online payroll calculator and in 5 minutes easily generate your own professional quality paystub, including accurate State and Federal income tax deductions, with three easy steps. 1. Input info, 2. Click preview, 3. Print. It’s that easy!


Your paycheck stub can be created in just five minutes with, but sometimes you will have questions and here are the most frequent ones!

About is about empowering hard working people to get to understand their finances, by understanding what is in a pay stub, by learning how pay stubs work and to instantly print out their own pay stub.


Our blog has the info you need to quickly come up to speed on these topics and of course learn how printing your own instant pay stub can help you get there!


You can instantly print your own professional quality pay stub!

Make Your Pay Stub Online!

As an employer, you must be familiar with the principle of transparency in payroll and compensation management. In that vein, employers provide pay stubs to their employees along with a paycheck. Many states also require companies to offer this document for maximum transparency so employees can know how their net income was derived and what was withheld for tax, social security, and health insurance.

That said, creating pay stubs can be time-consuming if you do it manually. Getting all the income tax and other deductions take effort and energy. Now you can ditch manual work and switch to our online pay stub generator.

Paystubmakr is an online pay stub generator that helps you make your pay stubs online in as quickly as five minutes. We understand how crucial it is for you to ensure accuracy concerning Federal and State income tax deductions.

Our pay stub generator will instantly give you an accurate net income total, ready to write a check or wire the salary online. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Input your information in our online form of the pay stuff generator
  2. Click the preview button to review the details
  3. Print the pay stub or send it to your email inbox

It’s that simple!

Paystubmakr empowers employees and workers to understand how income paystub generation works and what is deductible from their earnings. With this tool, they could instantly generate pay stubs without supervision.

Start today! Or, watch this explainer video to understand how our pay stub generator works.

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