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Do not forget to present your pay-stub check to the car loan Dealer or bank.

Loans for vehicle buyer has reached more than one trillion US$ per the year 2017; it means that there are many options out there. A car loan is a product like any other products or services, taking a credit involves using other people money, the interest paid for using this money is the cost for this service for a limited time.

Price or interest, quality of service, conditions of use, and legal aspects must be known before taking a loan or purchase any service or product. A car loan has a difference from other products; a car loan can positively influence ones credit and finances if it was paid on time or negatively if the loan ended not paid.

Car loan needs a paycheck stub

A car loan is not a single purchase; it depends on the purchase of the car itself. Buying an auto is an essential action that many time consume the attention of the buyer and leave no place for the shopping of the money for the new car. Some people go to a dealership, kicks the tires of the vehicle they like, sign the papers for the loan, and go home. Other people check about the type of SUV they want to buy, read reviews compare the options and sign the loan documents forgetting that the loan needs to the studied, checked and compared with the different option in the car loan market. Shopping for a car loan can save money can give you to buy a better car for the same monthly installment.

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How much from a loan will be the auto?

The majority of the people do not have the cash for buying a car without a loan. The total monthly installments are as crucial as the full price of the vehicle. To avoid getting in trouble with the payments you need to know what kind of car and it’s loan payments you can afford. Do not forget to add to your budget the cost of insurance gas and maintenance. The vehicle total budget must be added to your total bills and payments to make sure that your income is sufficient for all what you need and the new car.

make paycheck stub

Your “debt-to-income ratio” should be less than 40% it means that the bank or another lender will not give you a loan if you need more than 40% of your salary for loan payments. If your wage is $ 5.000, you can not cross the $ 2000 for loan payback.

Your credit score and the car loan

Need a car loan? Your first step should be checking your credit report and credit score your optional lender will use this your credit score to learn what will be the risk in lending you the money you need for the new car. Your level of risk influences interest rates. Different lenders have different scoring formulas for risk calculation. For example, FICO Auto score 8 uses a range between 350 to 850

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Some lenders are focused on higher risk borrowers or low credit score that will pay higher interests to cover the risk of unpaid loans. High-risk lenders will have to pay 11% interest for a five years term loan while suitable credit score lender may get as low interest as 4% close to one 30% less than the high-risk, low score lenders.

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Car Loan Application

You found the right lender, the correct sum of money for the vehicle you love to own, one minute, all that you own is the permission to use the auto and the obligation to the monthly installments of capital and interest. The finance company is the real owner of the car until the day that you paid the total money and interest of your car loan.

The financial language and term that you will have to learn when you deal with a car loan include:

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Down payment – is the amount of money that you need to advance to the car dealer or vendor from your own money. The down payment with the money you borrowed will be the 100% of the price you agreed to pay for your new car, Down payment can be 10% to 20% of the auto total cost. Only super credit score people could buy a car with no down payment. The bigger the down payment, the smaller the loan and the monthly payments.

Down payment for a financed car  

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) This is the cost of the product that you are buying, in other words, it is the interest that you are going to pay for the use of the lender’s money. That is what you have to look for while shopping for the car loan. The lower the APR, the better.
  • Taxes and fees: There are the state taxes and registering the vehicle, mostly done by the dealership for a small payment. If you did not make an all in one price, you might pay the transportation of the car to your place.

  • Term: Is the number of months or installments commonly 36 or 72 months. More terms more cost of interest from one side and more comfortable on your wages and other bills to pay. The interest rate for fewer installments can be lower. 36 terms can get 4%, and 72 can go up to 6%

  • Monthly payment: The total amount to be paid every month on the date agreed-upon, to the finance company. It includes the principal and interests. All monthly payments must be paid on time and until the last one.   

    Going to the marketplace of car loans

    Shopping for a loan is like any other shopping you must make sure about the cost of the loan, looking for a better APR and additional fees using the Internet or visiting different lenders is your first step. The car dealer can help you to ask for a quotation according to your Credit score and the total amount of loan you are looking for a loan for a long time.

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    Be careful not to spread around many loan application for a long time; it may affect your credit score, every time that you make an application, there is a hard inquiry made on your credit report. Hard questions spread on a long time can be taking your credit as a problematic case, while FICO will consider a few application in short time as one case that is not affecting your credit negatively.

    Your credit is related to the paycheck stub and more

    The sources for a car loan:

    • Banks and credit unions — Those are called “Direct Lender,” one crucial advantage is that by using a direct lender is the possibility to scour your finance before you start shopping your vehicle knowing how much money you have effectively for bargaining with the car dealer.
    • Dealer financing In this case, you can make an application for the loan and buy the vehicle in the same place. The main dealer interest is to sell the auto so he may be accommodating with his contact and knowledge of car loan world, it may be easier to get qualified through the dealer than through a direct lender.
    • Online lenders — Using an online lender is more like using a direct lender or a bank. You can find websites that can let you quote from a few lenders by filling one form.

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    Getting Pre-Approved for a Car Loan

    Apply for a car loan from a direct lender can get you a pre-approved car loan. The proceeder is the same as getting a loan, only that the fund’s withdrawal is waiting for the car purchase, to be a done deal. It is the same as going with a pocket full of cash from car dealer to car dealer shopping and bargaining the different options.

    Payroll and  paystub are your proof of earnings 

    You got a low credit score, what can be done?

    Unfortunately, you got a low score on your credit report. Before starting the new car project take some measures to improve your credit and boost your conditions to get qualified for a vehicle loan at a better interest rate and a higher amount of the loan.

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    • Pay all your pending payments of other loans taxes or bills that are late
    • Keep paying all your bills on time.
    • Pay down your debts, so your total credit will be more significant.

    If you still have poor credit and you need a vehicle badly, it may be possible to get a loan, but you are going to pay high interest and short time loan. One way to make it better is to make your down payment bigger and save on the importance and total principal amount, though your rates will be high. A substantial down payment improves your financial profile in the eyes of the lender. One more way to resolve your bad credit is to join a co-signer, friend or family with good credit that will sign with you on loan, this way you can get a loan in lower rates.

    Payroll and  paycheck stub, keep them archived

    For better future credit score, pay the installments of time

    You got a loan. Naturally, your credit information keeps flowing into the credit bureaus system, influencing your credit score on a monthly base together with all other payment you have to pay.

    Keep paying on time will make it easier to buy you a second car. In case you could not keep paying on time, it will take seven years to

    Online paycheck stubs in 1,2,3

    Avoid getting into many late payments that can make the lender approach acting aggressive use his options of collection or even worst, reposition. Late paying will be negatively reported and collecting, and repossession will kill your credit for the same seven years.


    Buying a car, new or used is, first of all, a financial matter so before starting to look for a loan and a car, you better study your financial status. Your wage and the required payment you must pay every month and along the year. Get a credit score and see if you can improve it in a short time. Do not take a bite that you will not be able to swallow. With the correct knowledge of your credit and cash, you can make the right decision on what vehicle you can buy, new or used, basic functionality for your needs or more luxury as you wish, The passing time makes the impact of late payments less critic to your credit.

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