How to get your boss to agree with you and not angry with you presents the article: How to get your boss to agree with you and not angry with you

Disagreeing with your boss is not a simple situation, you can easily lose your job. How to do it and succeed? This article will help you not losing your boss will to take your idea to reality.

You and your boss are having different places in the organization. You two have very different views. You can see something essential to being changed for better performance of production or service that the company is selling. On the other side, your boss can see other priorities or limits of the organization; it can budget limits or other orders that are more urgent. The more complicated reasons for differences are those that come from emotions and interests that have nothing to do with the business.

Never eclipse your boss, he may be jealous of your intelligent solutions that may affect is own position in the company. If you feel that this is the case you better let the boss present the idea and collect the credits or forget about the idea, it may risk your job.

Sound little complicate to have your boss change his mind listening to a subordinated employee and not kick his ass out of a job.

15 Best Tips for Successful Disagreement at Work

1. Consider the best time and place

Time and place are essential to any meeting, that needs peace of mind and full attention. When it is a meeting between one person that has an idea that he needs to pass and convince another person that happens to be his boss, it must be the boos time and place convenience. You need the boss full attention and time to listen and understand you. You need to give it some thoughts before you chose the time and place.

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A perfect opportunity would be a team meeting where everyone can express his ideas and suggest his opinions directly to the manager. You can speak up with no problems to be sound like a Condescending Know-it-All or accusatory.

Here you have to be careful before taking you to step ahead. You may have a boss that prefer to hear you voice face to face in his office. It will work better if your boss like to take your idea and sell it as is own one. You could do it at the same time you manage other issues with your boss, make sure he is not overloaded and can listen to you without feeling pressured too much.

2. Make your move Positive

As we have your job on risk as the primary issue and losing the opportunity to make something good at your job, you need to use some of your diplomatic traits.

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You have to start positively. The first words should point the most critical part of your suggested advantage; your boss will stop listening after a few words if he will not get something positive about your offer.

It is always segueing into your disagreement with a compliment. Never storm into your boss office yelling. It will be the worst thing to do and the worst ending for you.

3. Asking Questions first

Criticism can fall badly on your manager; not many managers take critics well. Do not act like you’re the one who should be doling out critiques. You better take the approach of asking questions. You can suggest an idea and end the presentation with the phrase “What do you think”?

This way you will have your boss good feeling with you a conversation that isn’t aggressive but an exchanging of ideas and listening well to the matter you are presenting.

Questioning makes it all sound as opinion more of a suggestion or request rather than a strict mandate. This way you are not sound aggressive or disrespecting your superiors.

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4. Focus on your goal, the Results

A good manager will leave him on aside when he or she are looking for anything that can help him to do a better job taking the company to a better and successful status.

You must learn your manager character and know very well if he or she is the taking care of their ego first.

You should be able first to outline the advantages of your suggestion to the boss and get him to your side

We will use our team meeting as an example of how to present our brilliant idea differently.

Holding weekly team meetings is a good idea, but on Mondays when we are struggling to catch up after the weekend, why no having the meeting on Wednesday when we already caught up and ready for looking ahead. “What do you think?”

This way you suggest a positive change not attack your boss’ authority and intelligence.

5. Respect the Final Decision

You should not make a mistake of not accepting your boss final decision. you need to respect that he took his decision and he is the one that bears the responsibility for good or bad, it is possible that your boss has his boss above him that he has to report.

You may feel like fighting your great idea, remember that it may be great for you, but maybe not that great to your manager because of reasons you do not know and can not take in consideration when you try to convince your boss to adapt your idea.

Never bring yourself to a dead end of “my way or the highway” it is more than likely that you will be shown the door. Respect your manager’s decision, let it go, and move on.

The need to talk with your boss and disagree can produce some panic. Take some water and remember this article. Do not be that bold and brazen, be respectful and use our tips and get your idea to be presented with courteous and convincing words and doesn’t end looking for your next job. thanks you for reading this article.