How to protect your pay-stubs from identity theft.

Identity thieves looking for real paystubs; How to protect your pay-stubs from identity theft.

Identity thieves can use your driving license as well as the information that they can find on your pay-stubs, they will try to rich your tax return check by using your personal information.

Identity thieves

While your driver license should be in your wallet, your paystubs should be in a safe place under a lock.

Money is what the identity thieves are looking for; they have three ways to get your money by taking your identity and use it like they are you.

The three ways to steal money using your identity

  • Taking a loan and letting you pay for it

  • Make the IRS send your tax return check to the thieves address instead of to your address

  • Take money out of your accounts

Safely generating here paystub

Below we will discuss this three bad possibilities, and how the thieves do for stealing the money from their victims and how you can prevent being stolen your identity firstly and secondly your money.

This article will show you how important is to keep your paystubs safe out of rich of strainers like identity thieves. ask you to introduce your information be yourself and send it automatically to the email you entered on the form when you made your paystub. Make sure that your email is secure by latest security offered by the email provider or your server service. Sometimes we have to send the paystubs manually using Google Drive code and no PDF image file. When you have your pay-stubs printed already do not just dump them with the trash as it will be like giving it directly to the hands of the identity thieves. You can shred, burn or keep them in a safe and locked place at home or office. You can read about secure emails here The 5 Best Secure Email Services for 2018 or review your security level here: Manage the security of your Gmail account.

Bank Account

In the USA all that is needed to open a bank account is a name and a social security number, an address can be helpful but not always the back ask for one. In other words, any paystub is good for identity theft for having a bank account on somebodies name. It is a short way from having a bank account to taking a loan on your name or asking IRS to send your tax return to the new bank account, then make a check or withdraw the money.

Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft

How could identity thieves open accounts or get loans in my name?

When you fill our form for generating your PAYSTUB, you fill your employers’ name and address, your name, and address and your SSN, NEVER !! fill it all, it is enough to fill the four last numbers

Funny thieves

The thieves ways of operating

Applying for a bank account, they can show the bank a PO. Box or an empty (on sale) apartment or a house, and telling the banker that they just moved. They can run some money in the new account and get some confidence from the bank. Then get a loan and evaporate themselves, you will learn after a few months about the favor they did to you, a creditor looking for you to payback the unknown (to you) loan. Keep you paystubs as safe as you would keep a pack of bills for the amount of few thousand dollars

A most common way of identity thieves to steal your money is stealing your SSN by getting your paystub and file a fake income tax return on your behalf using your SSN and made it with their address or the bank account they made on your name.

Workers care

In the business world workers care about the clients and the company, they will check carefully the identity of the people that come close to buy something or get any service, the contrary is with government employees and system, they get a tax file with the name and SSN and process it just as it is. Legally they are right; it is not their responsibility, they do their job and do not see one foot beyond their noses. A fraud with your taxes can happen that with only SSN, the IRS is not build to deal with stolen identity. We must take care of our personal information that is on a pay stub or the internet.

Once you got the pay stub you made at our Web-Site and printed it on paper for the loan or another thing you need to do, do not make more paystubs on paper, you can keep it on your PC in a file with a good password to protect the file.

There is a risk from the more sophisticated thieves that can hack into your bank account and transfer money other accounts ending in a bank out of the country.

Small business

Small business owners or managers, self-employees, and contractors are buying our pay-stubs. The clients, enjoying an easy-to-generate and secure system for their need for professionally made paystubs. Our website responded to all the new regulations about data safety.

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