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If you are a self-employed working for your self as an independent contractor, doing particular jobs or projects for other companies or customers. Or the other way. If you are managing a business, that part of its workforce are people that come to do a particular job or build something, and then they go. Those are the independent contractor. You need to know how to manage the financial record for each type of worker. Paying and managing the taxation of your ordinary workforce is not the same as paying the contractors.    

 Whether your company is paying its regular employees or the contractors that worked for the company for the particular job, preparing the payroll does not need to be complicated; you can use the professional Digital pay stub creator that help employers, employees, and contractors to create pay stubs online instantly.

Employers Need to Classify Their Employees Properly

Employers have to follow the legal obligations to classify their workforce according to the state and federal labor laws.  United States Department of Labor (DOL),  Misclassifying your employees as an independent contractor could face you with the labor and tax law enforcement action. The Department of Labor and the Income Revenue Service are lately cracking down the improper classification of workers.

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You know your employees that are classified as regular workers and those you hired as independent contractors. Remember it when preparing your payroll, paychecks, and pay stubs. Each class has a different way of payment and deductions.

Of course, there are certainly more complex cases. It is not easy to know precisely how to classify a worker. The IRS even uses a 20-factor test in the definition of work classification cases.

Below are the factors used for the definition of a worker as a regular employee or an independent contractor. You will find centered on the control of the worker; on time worked, and the methods they use while producing or giving service to the company that hired them. One crucial factor is the level of independence of the individual while he or she works for the company. The more they are independent, the more likely they will classify in the eyes of the law as an independent contractor. Before making the payroll and the paystubs related to it, make sure to select the correct classification from the different option that the law has.

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Independent Contractors Big Differences From Regular Employees: No Withholding, No Taxes, No Benefits

Remember, while running payroll for your workforce. There is a critical difference between the pay stub for an independent contractor and a regular employee. Is that you, as an employer, should withhold any amount for Social Security, taxes, or any other deduction from the contractor’s paycheck/pay stub. The reason is that the independent contractor should pay these institutions by himself.


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Independent contractors are responsible for the following:

  • Their work schedules
  • Their taxes, potentially including self-employment taxes
  • Work with their tools
  • Taking care of their retirement and health benefits.

Benefit programs are not covering the contractors. Their taxation law is entirely different. The employers have to pay the accorded cost per work or job that was done by the contractor. That means that you pay a contractor as you pay for the tools, the $10,000 of the office staff that you bought for the business and the $5,000 you paid the contractor. You have to put on the record the $10,000 cost of the tools, as well as the $5,000 cost of the contractor that did a new garden for your office. The total paid on the pay stub has to be the same $5,000  paid with not any withholding.

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Online Pay Stub Creators Can make Regular and       Independent Contractor Pay Stub

Modern business has to use its regular employees for the core operation of production or services. It is common to out-source some of the work and projects. It can be a software engineer or a freelance writer that is needed for a particular job. This kind of service givers are called Gigs, and there is a vast industry of websites like Upwork and Indeed for contracting this kind of independent contractors. You can use a website for making both types of pay sub in Website

It is effortless to use this Website to create the two kinds of pay stubs.

Contractors pay stub
Contractors pay stub
Regular employee pay stub

When you use professional Software, you will see a template for the input of data. It has a select button for CONTRACTORS. If you click on it and mark it as a contractor. You will see that the part of withholdings, showing cero, there is no money deducted for the deductions of tax and Social Security.

Changing back to regular employees is made by clicking again on the same button. You can see on the images how easy it is to use this online paystubmkr.com software.

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Instantly Online Pay Stubs

With paystubmakr.com, you can create your professional pay stubs within a few minutes. The soft war is good for regular workers as well as contractors or Gig industry self contractor or regular employee. You need to go to paystubmakr.com and input the data into the template. Pay with your card, instantly check your email inbox, get the pdf file with your paystub,  print it for the record or for any need to present it to your lender or landlord.

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