Learn How Employee Suggestion Program Can Empower Your Business

Employee Suggestion Program Can Empower Your Business

Suggestion Program vs.Classical Suggestion Box


   By John Wolf

Avoid failing with your suggestion program, construct and launch a complete program using the following recommendation.

Make an organizational commitment, make sure that the program communication is clear and ongoing making your workforce have motivation and enthusiasm to suggest the ideas and constructively criticize.

6 Must-Do Steps for a Successful Staff Suggestion Scheme

A bad suggestion program will turn off your employees, and you must have a thoughtful program, easy to understand rules that will not destroy that natural interest in expressing their ideas and participating in the future of their workplace.

Employee suggestion box that was not built correctly will fail to make the changes you are looking form the investment you made for it.

Do you need an Employee Suggestion Program in your organization?

Consider your corporate culture before starting your employee’s suggestion plan.

Learn what is the reality in your company, do you have employees suggesting already emerging to the surface at staff meetings or casual conversations? If this is the situation in your company, you better leave it like it is, your organization culture is giving you what you the employee suggestion you want.

6 Must-Do Steps for a Successful Staff Suggestion Scheme

Suggestions can come from different events at the workplace, small brainstorms at a department or some time at the staff meetings dedicated to suggestions of ideas and renovations.

Have a monthly luncheon where employees are asked to present suggestions.

The low managers that are close to the reporting level can collect ideas and suggestions and bring them to the managers meeting.

If you do not have any one of the above options, you have to ask yourself about the culture of your organization and the implementation of an employee suggestion program. A program can not have other activities of suggestions. You better eliminate these obstacles.

What’s an Employee’s Role in Innovation

A traditional program will have the suggestions boxes with its bad reputation. The suggestion boxes unpopularity comes from the time consuming and difficulties to keep the box up. People will have more hard feelings than positive once if the suggestions will not be responded shortly and clearly, and will lose interest in presenting new suggestions.

A Successful Employee Suggestion Program Will Need To Have Those Elements

The employee suggestion programs that succeeded have some common elements.

You can take a look at the factors that can be considered essential to the success of an employee suggestion program; those factors are a common exchange of the employees time and effort with an important reward and recognition.

If you are looking for an employee suggestion plan, make the following to happen.

Appoint a Cross-Functional review team that has a limit of 48 hours to acknowledge a suggestion. This team should have the power to reject or implement the suggestions for its review.

Consider multiple department reviews of the suggestion, starting with finance the team has to meet regularly and the suggestion information distributed early enough for the team to study it before the meeting. 

Do not overcharge the team with many meeting it will make the participation part of the day to day work, A rotation between your managers will make the team fresh and keep its interest in renovation and changes. Be careful not to choose managers that will block changes because they ate changes.

Here we have some more ideas for the organization of employees suggestions procedure, beyond the classic suggestion box.

Write and publish your guidelines for the process of submission and review of employees suggestions,

What’s an Employee’s Role in Innovation?

Once you have your plan for processing reviewing and submission of your employee’s suggestions, publish it to all your workforce. Share with your employees the guidelines and goals to be accomplished by your employee suggestion program. program

Establish Guidelines for the Employee Suggestion Process

Your guidelines will have to show what are the topics that you prefer to have a suggestion for improvement. Topics like productivity, cost saving, the quality of the products you make, raising revenue and morale and ethics issues.

Having no guidelines or criteria will make you an impossible situation, you will find too many suggestions deal with ice-creme machine or popcorn-maker in the dinner. Make sure that your people know what you want to improve and willing to recognize has a valid suggestion for the improvement of your business and the employee’s productivity.

The Employee Suggestion Must Provide Details About the Improvement

A suggestion is not only one sentence idea like “Let’s buy new computers”A proposal will have to provide a detailed explication made by the proposer, showing why and what is the advantage of his idea and how it will benefit your organization. A good suggestion will need a clear plan for the way to implement it. Suggesting to buy a hen that leis golden eggs will need to show where to buy this hen, what food it will need to be fed so the eggs will come in a golden color.

The Employee Suggestion Must Have a full Description of The Potential Impact on The Company

Employee suggestion should have the “why” and “how” of the impact of the ideas on the organization. Costs of implementation and saving on traditional costs make your suggestion process simple and easy to use. Do not make it have a lot of paperwork filling an infinity of forms.

Employee’s Own Job Suggestions should be treated differently

Suggestions that are about the employee’s own job are more important to deal with, and have to be dealt with special care. It is expected to be more effective because it comes from the employee immediate work witch he know better and cares more than general ideas.

The worker that see an improvement idea will share it with his or her supervisor with no to much peperwork and managers meetings, it will be done on the working station or line and can be implemented immediately with no time consuming meeting and analysis by more experts. The supervisor and the immediate manager should be able to reward those employees that made a successful suggestion.

This article will continue in the next publishing. 

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