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Harmony, cooperation and working together seamlessly between the team members is needed for the team to do a successful job. Assembling a team that can achieve its goals in perfection, takes some work and use of knowledge. The selected team should be comprised of people of high skilled, good traits persons. They have to be open to alternative views and working with that to get to the best results. Open people are those that have high emotional intelligence.

These people can accept the team leader at the same time that they can ask hard questions. Oppose the leaders’ idea if they think they have the reason.

The same with the leader of a highly qualified professionals team, those leaders must be that mature that they can work with people who are smarter than themselves.

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The story of a team:

The Consumer electronic company needed a new team for the development of a new hologram screen for smartphones.

Mike, the vice president for new products, was in charge of building a team for this project.

Mike knew that he needs one leader for the team, five engineers and three programmers.

  • The chosen applicant must have a visionary concept on the goal so he will not lose being assertive.

  • Mike was looking for a leader that can be the commander of the team, keep work in control of budget and timetables.

  • The candidate should be sufficiently democratic so that the team members will not have a barrier for presenting new ideas and concepts for the use of holograms on smartphones.

  • The same candidate will have to be able to be able to be affiliative and able to use Coaching toward the team members, especially at the first stage when the team members are new to each other or if one of the team will need more attention to catch up with the rest of colleagues.

  • Being Pace-setting will help the candidate to be elected as he will pull the team after him by being an example.

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Mike finally found the right person as the team leader that used to work as a team leader with the open mind and modest personality in a previous job.

Mike and John the new team head sat together to interviewed the engineers and programmers for the team. All the applicants had a high professional profile. They recruited only those who were open-minded, with experience in this working style.

Each one of the five engineers had his special value and came from a different background. There were two women, one African American, One Latin American immigrant and one more immigrant from India. Each one of the elected team members came from a different background with different cultural history. All high level professional and had perfect English. Guided by Mike they were allowed to influence the project developing by presenting their ideas or solutions and even fight for their opinions. After a few months, the project was presented to the board and approved.

5. Stick to the line you planed.

Once you made your business plan and started your business, you better stay true with your and don’t lose focus or be side-tracked by apparently good opportunities. Or withdraw by stormy weather. People and businesses that do best are those that maintain true to their azimuth and avoid the temptation to go off course when things get tough.

In business or work, you can often be flooded by differing opinions and offers

It is essential to maintain your eyes focused on your original goal and plan. Your business must maintain its direction and not start to zigzag and look to the sides instead of keeping your focus on the running business. You should set up your superiority and push ahead, no matter how hard it is or how good it can be. Be aware no making a bad decision and keep the rule of “better be sorry for a good business you have not done than be sorry of bad business you had done.

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6. Don’t push yourself beyond the limit

There is a time for work and a time for rest, rest and work are equally important. If you do not take rest, you may cause damage to your heal and end in a bigger problem. You should take rest or vacation to take some quiet thinking about our business. Long time of working with not stop to recover may cost you fatigue and stress that may make cost you taking wrong decisions and lost of money.

Vacation time recharges US workers; positive effects vanish within days

You can see that you best colleagues and leaders succumb to pressure as they relentlessly work nonstop pursued targets. Take daily breaks like walking or bicycle riding that will boost your metabolism by giving your brain lots of Oxygen and time to think with no pressure. Take some short vacation every few weeks, go to a beach resort or mountain resort for a long weekend and you will see how you fill when you come back to work.

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