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   By John Wolf  

How I Started Being a Freelancer

I was retiring from agriculture consulting and produce middle man and needed more income to keep my standard of living. It did not occur in my mind that there is a way that I could do it without going out getting dressed and live the comfort of my home. It was one email that opened my eyes towards the 21st-century new workplace. I was asked by a friend if I can help him with the blog of his new website. I replied a yes thinking about how good it can be learning new things by staying at home using my laptop or smartphone.  The mental struggle of a freelancer

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After being only a user of the Internet, I started to use the Internet as a tool, instead of searching on the search engines, I uploaded posts to be explored by others. A blog became something to write, not to read. New terms came into my life, WordPress, SEO, SERP, Google ranking, and Grammarly. Users, conversion, checkout, and more technical terms.

Working at home

Working sitting all day long was something to get used to. It was not that easy to maintain a working discipline at home. Though it sounds nice to stay home and work instead of commuting to a workplace back and forth every day. After the first days, I found out that it is hard to ignore what is going near you. The time that kids are at school and your wife is working is the easiest, but when the family is home at the afternoon and weekends you are home for your family you are expected to join their activities or resolve the kid’s conflicts or asked to help with homework.

Family work balance is not always achieved, you can get the opposite as you are home looking like you are available for your family. The family does not feel the pressure you have because you are late publishing your blog. It may be frustrated for you to say no to your kid for helping in the homework or leave the work and improve your kids. I try to do most of the work at the time the kid is at school, some times it does not work this way, and I found myself annoyed by the kid asking for help or coming to my desk looking for attention.

Staying at home can produce distractions, The TV is there with the news and movies, and Facebook is on your primary working tool, the computer. I have been careful with my self-discipline and do not get hooked by those temptations. I consider moving to a coworking space that has all the condition I have at home with no family interruption. It will cost more than my home office so it may be better to rent a bigger apartment and get a home office with more control over my working space.

The option of a co-worker space

Co-working spaces are all over the town, offering a desk, with all the services you need, just plug in and work. You can have more work coming in just because you have more contacts with the people that work near you. Most of them will be working as programmers, Search Engine Optimization, graphic designers, writers, and more occupations that are related to the same world of computers and Internet marketing.

Working in a co-working space can bring me more opportunities to get more orders or have co-workers that can fix my computer or add value to my offering by having a package of solutions. Like adding a 2D video or a graphic designed logo.

Staying at home can block career growth unless you learn to build a network with job givers and job seekers. I use Upwork and Workana for the extra works I need. Lately, I started to make my 2D videos using yond. Now I offer more kind of production.

The Siting effect

The sitting epidemic is causing illness like smoking.   A survey made by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey report us that 50 to 70 percent of the people spend six or more hours every day. I sit even more. Sitting Disease: The New Health Epidemic 

As I am 73 years old, I am aware of my health as I was all my life. A daily walk of at list 45 minutes and taking short breaks using a rubber band keeps me in good shape. I have to admit that on the first month I was sitting all day long, every day, no walking at all. The first time it was hard for me to get used to writing about 4,000 words a week. I gained weight and lost fitness until I start to feel bad and fall asleep while writing. At that time, I went to the doctor for a routine check us, worried about my cholesterol and blood pressure. I was found in perfect shape my levels of all the health conditions ware found excellent, no blood hypertension, Cholesterol is healthy as well as triglycerides. Though I was happy about this result, I started to walk every day, reduced sugar to not more than 6 teaspoons a day.

The more you sit, the less you make, take a break every hour, move your body, and give your eyes enough rest. It will help you to do more job and keep your health for the years to come. 

How I discovered myself

Being a tri language is an advantage in our world, My mother language is Hebrew, English I learned at school many many years ago, and Spanish I learned by my self. Jumping into the water of writing in English was not an easy thing to do. At first, the keyboard was a problem, I was a slow writer. Spelling was horrible, compose a sentence was not coming that easy. It took me hours to write a 600 words article. Generating A Pay Stub: Why Is It Important?

Little by little, I recovered my studies and improve my use of the keyboard. I started to read and watch videos on SEO. I learned to change my blog post layout for better SEO and better SERP ranking, longer articles were needed too, I started to write essays of 1000 and 1500 words. Later, I wrote posts of 300 and 4000 words for better ranking on Google.

Being a freelancer and the pay stub creating.

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