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   By John Wolf  

Taking part in the gig economy has Its pro and cons.  This article will review some starting points and other adverse issues. Being a gig worker make of you your boss, stay at working at home wearing your pajamas, or working in a coworking space where you are still your boss but do have people around you. Learn About the Advantages of Gig Economy For Businesses.  A few words on how to find the right job and work that will yield you a paycheck that will be good for paying your bills. 

This article will touch the essential topics you need to know to get the best of being a gig worker: 

  • How to look for jobs, and make sure they are legitimate
  • How self-employed work has to do with the paychecks 
  • What taxes and social taxes you should make sure to be withheld 
  • Are benefits appear on your pay stub?

This post will give you the correct starting point, and you will be happy with a remote work lifestyle.

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Is gig economy jobs are legitimate?

The gig economy and those members of this new world of “one-person businesses who work from home are like any human activity there are honest people and scammers. We will see how you can avoid falling in the tramps of those scammers.   

1. You must review the prospect client thoroughly to make sure that you are dealing with trusted companies

Before you start working for any website or company, check on them, investigate on the internet and ask your friends if they know about this company. Working for scammers is not working; it is a giveaway. You better start with known clients and than expand carefully to unknown companies, before you take a job make sure to know who are they and what kind of credit they have.  

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2. Take responsibilities only from known people.

The world is not that big when you look into an industry. You may easily find people that know the prospect clients and can tell you about the way they treat their workers. If you are a graphic designer, you can ask another one that already did a job for these people or finds the writer that do the ads and blog post for the same people. In short,  do not hesitate to check anyone or other means about someone that is offering you a job that you can do from out of the traditional workplace, payroll, paycheck and pay stub   

3. Freelancing websites an excellent place to look for work, make sure that it is a well known one.  

Once we have a PC with an internet connection, we got the option of working from different locations for the same center. You can build a network will let you communicate between those who offer their skills and those who are looking for this skilled workforce, now we have the workplace connected to the workforce by a third party. Many people jumped on the business opportunity of building a website that will connect the offer and demand for freelancers. You have to look carefully on this website to see how they work and what rating they get between other gig economy people. You have to look for the better employers on the site you have chosen for its service.   

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  • Upwork is considered the best freelance website that has means to support the development of your career.
  • If you’re a designer, you should check Designhill.
  • With Fiverr, you can find a job and be able to improve your skills with free online courses Fiverr facilitate to its workforce.
  • TaskRabbit opens up possibilities with its house-related freelance general handyman home jobs like moving.
  • WriterAccess It is for those who love writing to make money. It is easy for everyone

4. Take seeking to work your work 

You already made your decision to work for yourself, why not looking for a job by yourself. Look for opportunities in your neighborhood. Spread the word, send resume, and portfolios to potential clients. I that way you have physical contact with your client though you work out of the employer’s workplace.

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5. Refuse freebies

Never accept a “trail” work. You can see this recommendation on websites like Upwork. Producing sample will be your give away job. You must ask for payment for your situation. At a site like Upwork, you will be charging one part in advance, and Upwork will hold the rest until you deliver the product.

6. Be careful with payment


Once you have a client that wants to give you a job, get a contract well prepared by a lawyer and sign it with your client. If you go through Upwork or another middle party, they have a contract that protects the three sides. Do not start working before you got the signed contract and advanced payment for your job, and do not deliver your work unless you are paid or guaranteed your fees. Do not give your personal information before you were officially hired, and your client requires a W-9 form to be filled.  

 Paycheck in your hand, how it works?

When you finished your job, you are paid by your clients. It would help if you formally got the paycheck, your taxes are important to you, you do not want to have problems with the tax authorities. Remember that your decision to be an independent contractor converted you to a tax-payer as a small business. You have to manage bookkeeping. A bank accounts for your income and expenses paystubs and receipts of all the money that passed through you mini/micro business. To learn how to create a pay stub, click online paystub to print one click here.

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What do you do if you pay too much on a paycheck?

A big part of why it is so important to have a paycheck is so that you can view which taxes are being withheld each time. That is also why it is essential to carefully look at your paycheck each time to make sure everything is above board. If you believe that too much may have been deducted from your paycheck in error, contact your employer immediately. You can use a paystub calculator to verify that the amounts are correct (or incorrect, as the case may be).

Do they take more taxes out of your first paycheck?

You will be surprised at how much has been taken out of your first paycheck, but it should not be more than is legally required, and should not be more than at any other time. If you are curious about what the various deductions are for, or want to double-check that everything is right, you can read a breakdown of them here.

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There is no benefits deduction from your paycheck

Remember that you are not an employee that is working 8 hours a day and being paid on a payroll base. No deduction or withholding is made on your paycheck. You get a gross payment and have to deal with taxes and benefit your self.

For your tax return, you better have a CPA to help you. The benefits or Social taxes, Health and retirement, and life insurance are more complicated; you better read our article about How the millions of Gig workers impact the insurance industry  Do not leave your retirement until it is too late. Read now: Are you a gig, saving for the old-age pension?

Note: we do not talk about the employees that work from home under permission but are paid on the employer’s payroll.


The Gig Economy, as yet some grey areas, to be filled with new laws shortly. Some times employers and employees make a mistake Read this article or at list the quote we brought you from the same post. Learn what taxes you will pay as a contractor or an employee.

Estimated Payments For  2019

When the tax season is coming, you start to think about the unnerving issue, how much-estimated taxes you will have to pay. Contractors can have a very fluctuating income. It may be hard to predict their income and get reasonable pay for estimated taxes. It is vital to know, about 1,000 dollars of taxes you already need to pay some estimated tax. Not paying the estimated tax will bear a penalty by the IRS. If you have a steady income, for example. You work every day under a contract, and your client pays you the same every week you will be able to estimate your tax payments.  Estimated taxes

Taxes must be paid as you earn or receive income during the year, either through withholding or estimated tax payments. If the amount of income tax withheld from your salary or pension is not enough, or if you receive income such as interest, dividends, alimony, self-employment income, capital gains, prizes, and awards, you may have to make estimated tax payments. If you are in business for yourself, you generally need to make estimated tax payments. Estimated tax is used to pay not only income tax but other taxes such as self-employment tax and alternative minimum tax.

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You jumped into the water of the gig economy lear to swim before the IRS, or any legal issue will put you where you do not want to be. Do not negligent any legal and liability of yours will send you to the courts. You may have a bug in a software that you had made and a Wrathy client suing you for damages that you would not be able to pay in a lifetime. Read what the IRS as to say about Independent contractors, how to Report and Pay Independent Contractor Taxes.

Yes, it is not like it looks like when you think about working at your home office, wearing shorts and a T-shirt or even a pajama. Yes, you can take a break whenever you want, no boss micromanaging you or a coworker bullying you. You are on your own, and you may be cheated when your pay does not appear — or waiting to a new client to say yes for a job when you know that your bank is calling you for the payment of a loan you took to buy a new PC, a desk and a $700 chair for your home office — the mental struggle of a freelancer. We wish you success in your gig economy job.

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