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6. Disability

Your workplace can get diversity by employing people with disabilities of different dimensions.

Physical disabilities need some physical accommodations for those who have a mobility limitations open path. Hearing limitation will need telephone headsets accommodation. Screen readers for sight limitations will need screen readers and other software for those employees that have this limitation.

Attitude is the other aspect to consider disabled employees. Workplace acceptances or workforce feeling about disabled people. The survey found that two-thirds of people feel uncomfortable talking to disabled people. Some people think that the disabled are not as productive as regular employees. You can read what The Gordian’s article I don’t think employers see what disabled people can do

And the Ability Magazine article Unconscious Bias Towards People with Disabilities in the Workplace

Education of your staff about the difficulties of disabled people and the capabilities of the same people as part of your company plan for achieving diversity in your workforce. As more they will know about people with a disability the easiest it will be to incorporate people with disability.

7. Personality

The motor that makes business work is the people that work for it, starting for the head to the bottom, having the right mix of personalities is important for the success of the business. There are some ways to do the selection of candidates. Myers-Briggs is a popular one and Psychometric Testing is another one both are used all over the world. For more information read: How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring

Mix personalities will bring mix opinions and ideas, may create conflicts that may create productive ideas and solutions. You will need to create an atmosphere that permits this conflicts to be controlled and let the new concepts to germinate into fruit-able changes in your business. Do not stick to conformism and conservative environment, let the people express freely and chose those that have this personality that can be positive for your business.

8. Socioeconomic Status

Human society naturally is divided into classes in some countries the classes are divided by economic status and education, in others it is money and cultural reasons that define the classes. Different class means different attitudes and views of life and work. Having people of different social classes can be a challenge and gain benefits for your business. You can learn about working with different social classes here: Hidden rules of class affect workplace

Here is a citation of a paragraph from the article of The Business Times

“Do your employees understand the organization’s unspoken rules about money? Those from poverty grew up with the notion that money was to be used, spent. Middle class norms suggest that money is to be budgeted and managed closely. Wealth suggests that one should conserve and invest money. What’s right? Each is a viable use for money, but do your employees understand the views of your organization?”

The different socioeconomic background will bring your business new way of thinking that will have to make positive effects on your business. You have to look for enough educational level for each job, Naturally you low-level jobs like Janitors. Doorman and other similar jobs can come from the lower social, economic part of your place. Do not reject those low economic level people that did break the limitations and got the studies and training to do more important jobs than cleaning or attending your doors. Those people that achieved climbing up on the ladder can the traits to fight for your business with the same spirit they fought for their own life. You may have to help your team to accept those employees they are coming from different segments of society.

9. Education Level

As I mentioned in the social-economic paragraph, education is something you can not overlook. Your team must have the knowledge and training to an excellent job, you can not have an accountant that did not make the training he should have made. Some jobs need to have a license from the authorities of the state. Basic education is essential too; your staff needs to talk good English and know basic arithmetic.

Looking for overqualified people for a simple job will make you lose good people that can be very good in the work they do and happy doing it while over qualification can make the employee bored doing a job he thinks as inferior for his capacity.

You will have better results when you will match the education level with the job you need to be done. Looking for an employee to do a job means finding the right skills for it. A person with a college degree will not stay for long doing a job that does not let him grow and advance in his Carrier, while a person that is using his full capacity enjoying his job will stay with you for a long time. Your business success is not by having degrees but by making a good job attending clients and making the team working harmoniously.

10. Life Experience

Life experience is like a degree from the University of life. Age may have to do with this dimension. People bring their life experience into the business by using their experience for problem-solving or into the social tissue of the working place. The experience as an army service or sports carrier can give your employee a lot to offer when it comes to seeing out of the box or the way to treat fellow workers.

When hiring new employees look beyond the regular qualifications for his life experience and what he can bring to your organization.


This article reviewed 10 different dimensions that can make your company a working place with a high level of diversity and good effects on the result of your business.

You can use the knowledge to make it with a better result. Mixing people in the workplace can have the positive result as well as negative effects. Diversity with the wrong people can create problems like mixing racist employees with minorities. Homo-fob people with gays. Going into diversity need you to look at your people carefully and get them all into the process of being tolerant to the other dimensions.

The next article will deal with the gender equality

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