Read about: Your Company Culture need to be created and kept healthy

Your Company Culture need to be created and kept healthy


By John Wolf

A new employee needs time and guiding to be integrated into your organization existing culture

Workplace culture is made of all the working conditions, habits and discipline, traditions, values and belies that surrounds the workforce at work.

Your organization creates its culture from the first day to the present and keep shaping it every day. It is made of layers made at the timeline during the years. The leaders’ form some layers are by the people that worked and working at this moment.

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The culture of your workplace has a huge influence on the quality of the teamwork, morale, productivity and helps a lot to the retention of your workforce. Job satisfaction is improved, efficiency is increased. Good workplace culture will reduce the stress of your employees.

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Culture is like the atmosphere, it is all over the workplace influencing with powerful elements that shape your enjoyment while working, your relationship at work, and the process of work.

You can not see the culture but you can feel it by the way people treat each other in all levels and between the hierarchy levels of your workplace.

Every workplace has its particular culture that has been developed piece by piece, by each one of your employees. A new employee will add his own diversity to the culture.

Safety culture in the workplace.

What Makes Up Your Culture?

Your workplace culture is the personality of your organization, it is made of the values, beliefs, interests, experiences, underlying assumption, and habits that create a person’s behavior.

The culture is the behavior that is made by a group that arrived to set a generally unspoken or written rule that instructs how they will work together for the same organization.

The culture of your business is made up of all of its life experience, all of its workers brought in and left by the time, it is all based on the foundation of the founder vision and the managers and executives that took the decisions after him.

The middle management also added its share by being the glue that held and still hold all the rest of employees in the cultural base that permeates

all the people to communicate and execute the works that make the operation keep operative and successful.

How Do You See Culture

The components of the culture are visual and verbal habits that you can notice every working day. You can see it when you are walking through the working zone, the office area or eating at the lunching space. Your organization culture that was built by the experience of years is what makes your work life

Culture is represented in your group’s:

  • Language that is particular to this place

  • Decision-making system and process

  • Symbols and objects like logos, pictures of the history

  • Stories and legends about special occasions in the companies life

  • Level of empowerment achieved by the organization

  • Celebrations of important anniversaries

  • Daily work practices like behavior with clients.

Culture can be expressed by simple things like the grace objects on the employee’s desks, by looking at those desks you can learn how your employees or co-workers feel about your organizational culture. The content of the Bulletin board, and other interactive activities like board meetings and collaboration of your people with the management. Talkie with proud about the workplace shows the good culture you have achieved.

Talking with your employees about the company culture will help you to learn about your organization current culture and its influence on the productivity of your company.

If you see that the culture is not helping your business to grow and improve you can change it by providing a better environment and work with your management to make the change. Changing old habits and existing systems is a hard goal to achieve but possible.

The culture of your organization

Walks the talk:

 If you can apply a leadership that walks-the-talk you will succeed with changing the culture of your organization significantly and win a better working place culture.


A good cultural tradition will take care of the new recruits with Enculturation and socialization process that will adjust those newcomers to the existing culture of their new workplace.

Working on couture on the levels of office, department, work-group with orientation or onboarding session and other resources of the HR initiatives.

A special care on the welcome plan for new employees will help the new people to learn their job. Immersing the new employees with the company culture is very important.

This is a successful activity to introduce to the new staff:

  • Organization’s values, its mission, vision and principle guidelines

  • Meeting with the president and high management will give the new staff a good opportunity to communicate about the culture and their expectations.

  • An update routine in the first three months to see how the employees are doing.

  • Do not leave them alone, assigning a mentor or a good co-worker to help in the process.

Use enculturation activities to ensure the employee’s cultural fit, it will help your new staff to incorporate easier to your desired organizational culture. blog team thanks you for reading