STOP WAITING TO BE RECOGNIZED presents you this article about your promotion at work

From day one in a new job, you have to start looking for a new and better job or role. Those who do not have this concept may be sitting in the same chair in front of the same desk until the retirement will save them form it.

Looking around for new opportunities and having the will and guts to change will bring you to know many new places in your country and maybe in the world. The promotion will not come to knock at your door you will need to make it come to you.

You will not be promoted unless you make it happened.

Getting a promotion in your present job is expected to be much more comfortable than having success within a new organization. At your current job, you are known, and you are familiar with this workplace culture and systems. You will need to make yourself seen by your boss and supported by your colleagues, build your allies between your co-workers. If you feel that you are not going to have success in climbing up after all your effort, do not be afraid to look outside of the company you are working and seek a better place for your ambitions.

Reading Accenture study Reinvent Opportunity: Looking Through a New Lens

You will find that nearly half of the respondents were satisfied with their present job but three quarters planned to stay in the same job.

People can be conservative with changing workplace for many reasons that may have or not with their employment, but if you are ambitious and look for growing and escalating in your career, you can not sit on your chair and wait.

Before you write your letter of resignation, you can try some more action to push yourself up the scale.

Do above, beyond doing more than you are expected

Those who work quietly doing their job without pop up in the workplace atmosphere will rarely be promoted.

There is an old saying “Stand where the captain can see you”To get yourself promoted up on the career ladder you will need to do more than just “doing your job,” you will need to do extra work on a future territory of your work obligatory jobs.

As you are part of the working force of your employer, you will need to do something to make sure that your superiors notice you. Things that can make you noticed are accepting tasks and duties that are not on your regular work list.

Taking complicated extra jobs at your workplace will give an edge on the competitors Keeping your professional development continuous

A mentor can be a good help

Working alone is much harder than being mentored by a good friend or a professional one, that can arm you with the tools to make your plan for the next ten years. A good mentor will guide you about the skills you will need to acquire and dominate for your plan to the top.

By having a mentor from the same organization, you work for you can get a two-fold benefit, the guidance and consulting and his word to your superiors about your traits and skills.

Share your progress

How to make yourself known to your superiors? “The star that shines better will be seen first” make your boss recognize you between all the other co-workers. Do not be afraid of direct communication with the superiors. A good moment is when there is a performance appraisal. It may be not that modest, but if you do it with some tasks, you will gain the points in the competition to the top.

Building a strong affinity and some common language with your boss is key to the ladder that climbs up – it is unlikely that the boss promotes someone he does not know trusts and believes.

Befriend your boss

Helping your boss Without Becoming a Sycophant

Befriend your boss may be a minefield, do not overpass it. It is not only keeping deadline or accomplish targets, and it is more about being a real help and dependable for your boss. There is a thin line between

befriending and being sycophantic that can make you hated by your colleagues and a disgusting guy to your boss.

Do not leave work if you can stay and help your boss and colleagues

If you forget that you are part of a team, you will lose it all. Your boss will consider your help and skills as a positive point for your promotion. But promote you as a team leader or higher rang position will need to see your leadership capacity, this will be shown by the way your co-workers treat you and what they think of you. Do not step on your colleagues proud; they will react against you and make your ambitious plan to fall dead. Help your colleagues as much as you can, keeping them on your side by real help and respect. By helping your co-workers, you get their sympathy and learn their part in the work so you may be better prepared to be their boss in the future. Do not limit yourself to your department, help other divisions in your office, you will make more friends and learn more abbot your organization systems and procedures

Look elsewhere if it did not work for you

There is no any assurance that things will go as your plans and wishes. In the case that doing all that I recommend in this article did not give the fruits you were expecting because of unfortunate circumstances for you. Do not afraid to take another chance in a new job with better chances options in good new employment.