The Reasons Small Businesses Succeed present you the article: The Reasons Small Businesses Succeed

Starting a new business

Starting a new business is an exciting moment in your life, you dreamed about for a year and now the moment came you have your business’s door open and your POS ready to be feed with dollars. Wait a minute to think about the unknown. You need to keep some level of ambiguity, challenge, and uncertainty.

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The truth is that 9 out of ten new business will go out of business. And only half will survive five years or more. State’s business report for 2017 shows that 43 percent of Small businesses use a spreadsheet to track inventory or do not tack it at all. Do not convert yourself the part of the statistics and not the happy one just because you did not put your money in the right place, Never forget that business is about numbers.

 Computer, printer, and software for inventory management. Lousy inventory management is one of the most common reasons for falling businesses. Do not let this stats to dis-encourage you, let it keep your eyes open and do the right things that will assure your survival in the business, start reading Reasons Small Businesses end Failing – And How To Avoid It

A well-defined vision, not dreamland vision

Starting a business, big or small is like fulling a dream with two options, one is a successful business and the second option is failing and losing the money and efforts. Every business has a vision that was made by the founder of the business.

Vision should know what they want to do and where to go. A product or a service that has something to offer the public that other entrepreneurs do not offer. A dream of what you want your organization to become.

A founder of a small business does not have the tools that a corporation founder can use, and it is more on his capacity to study the market, you have to correctly write the business plan, not leaving space for the dreamland issues. The primary concern is the finances, from where the money will come, how much many and when it will be needed. One of the main reasons for failing in business is a money drought before money comes in in the quantities that the business need for running a balanced or better, making a profit. Founders of successful small businesses know how to make the thing work properly. Put productivity and efficiency first. As the corny saying “time is money” Timing too is vital for the growth of the company.

You wrote your plan, and now you have to keep the timing. Stick to your opening date. Use the role of entrepreneurs “ There is no tomorrow for the jobs you push” you can push hard, but you will need to build your team of expert in their fields, they can be full-time employees or service givers like tax consulting or accountant. If you need to look for a loan, you better have some financial adviser that can locate you the best loan. You are going to have the internet as an important part of your business get yourself some good Hardware and software guys for the system and some network marketing and SEO experts. You need to be on top of all do not try to do it all!

Making profit is not easy, and for recently opened business it is even harder, it takes time to get clients to come in buy and come back for second purchase in some cases it may take a year or two before it starts to see profits.

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Keeping your operation being Lean and mean is always good for business. A frugal operation is a key to success, mean means tough and active. Being frugal counting the dollars and cents may save you on rainy month. You may need an efficient financial manager that will have the finance as his main thing to do and the expertise to do it well by giving you the real financial situation of the business. Building your budget and keeping it on the dollar and cents absolute control is something that you must do religiously if you do not want to be surprised by an empty bank account.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,

Creating a network of contacts is one more essential thing to do for the success of your business. Make the community to know about you starting with those of more influence, those people can bring more contacts and possible investment or more acceptance of the crowd to your business.

The CEO personality should be of super-talent and multi traits as being expert on social relationships in that level that will help him to build a network of people that can help on the different aspect of a business. Leadership; Can people learn it or it is an innate trait?

A CEO needs to have a trait of leadership to make the employees follow him on a hard time at the startup time of the business life. The building of the social network will need the CEO the skill for human relationship. The networking tactics should be directed to high-quality personas that can upgrade the business image in the community.

Leaders keep high standards and gain a positive image

An organization needs to have a self-disciplined boss to function successfully. The head of the business must have high standards to be an example to all his staff to have high ethics in the business. The lake of this standards and ethics will make the operation to fail and the owners to lose their money. There is no way for success without hard work and high ethics.

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