The Relationship of Sleep, Stress and small business managing. 3rd part

PAYSTUBMAKR.COM team is presenting the 3rd part about, Sleep, Stress and small business managing

9. The beauty sleep is not just a saying. Sleeping well will delay aging

One of the exciting benefits of sleeping well is the ability to delay aging. Though we all are worried about getting wrinkles, We all worry about our wrinkles. We all age but people that are experiencing sleep-deprivation and often work long hour with no rest age faster than those who have a routine for sleep and stressed life. Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential factor for slowing the aging and better health.

The need to sleep made this man sleep on the boxes

 The Huffington Post published one article about a trial that was conducted on pre-menopausal women between the ages of 30 to 60. Adverted effects on the skin were found on those women that were having sleeping problems, Here are some of the results:

Researchers found that those who didn’t sleep well exhibited more signs of skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity. The researchers also found that those who enjoyed quality sleep were more quick to recover from stressors to the skin such as sun and environmental toxins.”

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 10. Like to feel happy? Sleep every night 8 hours

People that are lacking sleep can have different levels of bad mood and unhappy. Some researchers found that sleep deprivation can cause an anxiety disorder. The Happier blog magazine words about enough sleep and happiness that we are sitting below: “When people describe their levels of happiness, quotes, being well-rested come out on top–researchers Daniel Kahneman and Alan B. Krueger found in their research on life satisfaction a direct correlation between sleep quality and overall happiness. In fact, they found sleep quality was the single most influential factor in daily rating mood, too. A recent Gallup Poll got the same results: people who get adequate sleep are more likely to rate their lives as happier.”

11. Sleeping well will make you intake fewer calories

You can be one of the people that are trying to lose weight you are familiar with the craving for more food or feeling the hunger even though you had a good meal. How to ingest fewer calories is the name of the challenge, it is hard to feel the lake of food but not eat, it is a lost battle before you start fighting. Let us define the goal for weight loss, it is not eating less but feel less appetite for a longer time. The sad truth is that we can not eat less unless we do not feel this craving or hunger. One of the reasons for having appetite are the hormones our brain sends to our blood system when we do not sleep well at night. Read this blog, Why a Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat, and How to Keep From Gaining Weight. Learn why you should eat your dinner at the early night or late evening, sleep early enough so you will have your mandatory 8 hours of good sleep, get up in the morning about ten to twelfth after your last meal and have a real breakfast on an empty stomach.

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12. Sleep and pain have a connection

Some studies are claiming that there is a connection between sleeping well and the sensitivity to pain.

A recent one is a 2015 study made by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Bergen and published in an official publication of the International Association for the Study of Pain. You can read about insomnia and other sleep problems that have increased sensitivity to pain. Impaired sleep linked to lower pain tolerance

scientists say that sleep-deprivation has implications for people with chronic pain. Read New York Times article: Really? Losing Sleep Reduces Your Pain Tolerance. This study touches the idea that chronic sleep loss can badly influence painkillers. One more reason to make an effort and sleep well and enough.

Thye beauty sleep of a Lady

Do you take seriously care about your sleep?

Today’s life has not the difference of day and night as the life before the age of technology; we have light and the screens with the Internet that makes us busy up too late at night. Another issue is the non-stop running after money that makes us run even more and take no real rest. We forgot the importance of rest and exchanged it with TV shows, movies, and Facebook, Google and other network media. Or money in exchange for rest and sleep or with the bottom line of sleep-deprivation our health and happiness

We must calculate the pro and con, the cost and benefit when we do not go to bad at the time for quality long enough sleep.

The extreme cases are those people that lost their lives as a result of overworking. We can accept that we are not machines, even machines need someone to oil or other maintenance by us, so why we do not give ourselves the minimum maintenance, some good night sleep? We should consider the sleep and rest as importance as eat and drink. No money can buy health and no honor the worth your health.

As a small business owner or manager, you may have a lot of stress when you try to attend to your clients, control your staff and supervise all commercial issues. It is your most important thing to do, make your business grow and keep it alive even though your competition is hard and the market may be to slow. Your finance can be another essential thing to worry about. All together can make you feel stress and take the sleep from your eyes. We hope that after reading this blog you will give yourself the right rest and sleep. Slep well is as important to your business as your capacity to take the right decisions, bad sleeping abits will not save your business. Have a good sleep!

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