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Presented by Paystrubmakr.com     By John Wolf and Tom C. CPA

Post-pandemic world.

Now we are working and shopping from home. Our life becomes more and more online. We do not go shopping; we shop from home. We do our writing and printing from home, and banking is almost 100% done from a screen. If we are small business owners, we use online services for many administrative jobs like Collectible or payable accounts or payroll paystubs. We send payments and receive money using Internet banking. 

Our employees need their paystubs on time, and as small business owners, we have to deal with many issues simultaneously, which limits our time. paysubmakr.com is an excellent help for our time management. We can go online and, in a few minutes, generate the paystubs for our employees. 

Payroll end with a pay stub

The online Era

We are living in the computer and smartphones times. These devices are everywhere, and almost everyone has one. A big part of workplaces is at home. Data is flowing out and into home working stations.  

As a small business, we can use an online tool like http://paystubmakr.com, which needs us to input the employee’s name and address, his pay period, and rate to get an instant pay stub with all the withholding and net pay on a pdf file sent to the employee’s email address and use internet banking to transfer the net payment to the employee’s bank account.

How do we generate a pay stub?

At paystubmakr.com, we use IRS tax brackets and all payroll tax regulations to create your correct pay stubs. 

All you need to do is input your and the employer’s data, your pay period from one week to one year, and the earned money according to time and rate. 

Our software will take care of deductions for payroll taxes and show your net income, plus tracking a year-to-date total of tax and net income.

We Provide a Useful tool.

Online pay stub generator software is an excellent help for small business employers. Like a small Cafe, a barber shop, or a self-employed can enjoy saving time and headaches by manually generating a pay stub.

Online pay stub generation takes a few minutes of your precious time and leaves you time for your business or quality time with your friends or family. 

Old-time pay in cash

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