– About Us –

At Pay Stub Makr, we all come to work every day because we want to give you control over your pay stub, which gives you control of your money. Everyone is guessing about all of those deductions. Employees don’t know what should be deducted and employers don’t always deduct the right things. Throughout the history of business, people get paid with pay stubs, so let’s take a minute, run our own pay stubs and take control of our own payroll decisions.

– Our Mission –

To provide a fast and accurate instant pay stub download along with the best tips about the money you make, what is taken out of your pay stub and how to spend more of your money on what you want.

– Customer Satisfaction –

You are the reason we are here and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the check stub you purchase. If you need to edit or make a correction to the document, please follow this link to contact our customer team.

– We Love Our Customers –

Maybe customer satisfaction isn’t quite enough. The We Love Our Customers Program is designed to make it clear that, well, we love our customers! Our Team wants to show our customers some love 24/7 and so we are available to talk 7 days a week, but unfortunately it is only during normal business hours. Please contact us to talk to a real human being and we will fix anything you need or at least anything related to the pay stub you downloaded! We have a money back guarantee, which we think is the least we can do.

We love our customers and hope you love us too. If you do, please send us a short note to let us know and if you get selected to be part of our customer review showcase, you will automatically be entered into our monthly customer love raffle, where you can win cool stuff such as gift certificates, t-shirts and our favorite, a free consultation with a personal financial professional.

It’s all thanks to you, so, thank you again!