How to Start a Mentor-ship Program

How to Start a Mentor-ship Program

Establishing a Successful Mentor-ship Program in your workplace.

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   By John Wolf

When your HR staff is looking for new employees, they can ask the candidates. Where in career do they see themselves in four or six years ahead? This question has little in it if your organization will not invest in its workforce skills improvement. Good candidates will look for a workplace that will help them to grow and climb up on their professional career.

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Having a Mentor-ship program will help you to get good candidates to prefer your company on other jobs offered out there.

Once you got this good working force already working for your company, you need to use the best mentor-ship program you can.

You may take the simple first occurring in mind way. Take your experience senior staff as the mentors of your workplace, and let it go by itself. and I will present you some ideas about “How to make your mentor-ship develop positively at your workplace

The mentor’s guide

Determine Mentor-ship for Your Employees

To determine your mentor-ship program, you need first to define its goals. Having your goals clear you can make your mentors understanding their job and your employees that will be the mentees of your mentor-ship effort. Your goal for mentor-ship will depend on your type of business, and the nature of your employees.

A mentorship program for the training your employees for a specific future job will need to have well defined what your people need to know at the end of the program and how the mentors will instruct them.

Another way will be mentoring your employees to achieve their own goals inside your organization or even leaving you for a better job. Do not think that it is a worthless investment to prepare your employees and loose some of them later to other companies. Mentoring this way will give you the employees confidence and gratitude, even when they are going to leave you they will not do so without giving you the chance to retain them or time to replace them with someone good enough.

Choose Your Mentors

Do not take the easy way and assign your executives as mentors, being a good mentor needs a trait for it and the love of doing it. Mentoring is not like teaching kids that one and one are two. Forcing someone to do a mentor’s job is counter-effective for you and unfair to the mentees. Mentor and mentee need to have special confidence and understanding between themselves. A forced mentor will be a boring one.

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A member of your organization that will volunteer to be one of your mentors’ team will be a good choice, no matter if he is a high-rank manager or a low or mid-level manager. What is important is the will of the mentor to be mentoring the co-workers and the respect and will of the mentee to learn from this mentor.

NOTE: Experience worth gold. Naturally, you will take a senior executive to mentor the middle managers that will be the mentors of the new enlisted employees. You will need to find those people that are enthusiastic about doing the mentoring to their co-workers.

Look for those who will love being mentors. You need a first successful mentorship program to make it attractive to your workers to be either mentors or mentees in the future.

Choose Your Mentees from your workforce

You can look for mentees as volunteers for your mentoring program but may have some more people then you can accommodate. You may need to choose the best and more important candidates for your mentoring plan. Logically you will look for the more important people in your organization to get into your mentoring program. The higher their level is, the more important is to invest in their training. Do not forget that there are discrimination laws; the mentoring activity must have transparent decisions and do not give fair chances to all your employees with no bias of gender, color or anything that can be taken as discrimination.

The Mentor and Mentee Relationship

The mentorship programs rules

What is the best schedule for the mentors and mentees meetings?

There is no golden rule for mentors meeting. It depends on the pair schedule of work if one of them have to go often for trips or both of them are on a 9:00 am to 5:00 pm schedule.

How to handle confidentiality?

A pair of mentor and mentee should be trusting each other that all that they talk about will stay between themselves. The mentee can ask any question concerning his job. The mentor is expected to keep this conversation in confidence,

When a mentee tells the mentor that he can not do something that he needs to do as part of his job the mentor will help him out of the problem and not report it to HR or the direct boss of the mentee.

Exceptions to confidentiality are an agreement about something that will be shared or a legal or disciplinary issues. In the case of sexual harassment, it must be reported by the mentee or the mentor in the case that the mentee is failing in reporting it.

The company is liable if it does not report illegal actions in the workplace. The mentor is always the superior person of the pair and represents the company, any information that has to be reported will make the company liable on it if not reported correctly.

What about gender issues related to me-too?

We live in the “Me Too” era what may make men as mentors fear to mentor women especially young women. The fear of fake accusations of sexual harassment is a legitimate worry.

There are ways to make this worry out of the real possibility. All meeting should be in a public and open space. By avoiding the option that there will be a situation of word against word when a mentee is accusing a mentor of wrong behavior, we can take out the problematic issue of “Me Too.” team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog