Why Is The Resistance to Change?

Why Is The Resistance to Change?


   By John Wolf

How to Detect Resistance to Change in Your Organization

What is the resistance to changes in the workplace and how it is shown? The resistance to changes is opposing new rules or to new technological changes. People like to keep the status quo with no changes.

If you do not make your introduction of changes using the best way possible your people will instantly create a wall to protect their stable status. When you make changes that affect how they work, and they do not see what the change for is, is it for better work condition or better production costs. If you do not evolve the workforce in the changes, they will feel foreign to the change and develop resistance toward it.

When your employees are feeling that their input is taken into consideration for the decision making about the changes they will be positive about the change.

The Seven Steps to Implementing Change in Business

Do Not Be the Cause of Resistance to the Changes You are Making.

You are the first to present the changes so you must be well prepared to make a presentation that your people will understand the advantages of the changes to the organization and the workforce. In other words, you have to sell the change to your employees. Do not add stress to your work by creating resistance to a change that is expected to do good to both sides.

To avoid falling into this kind of resistance to the changes you need to make you need to talk to your people and listen to their questions and worries and bring the answers to keep the people on your side with the changes.

The Challenge of Managing the Employees Resistance

There are many reasons for managing resistance to be challenging. The people can resist the change openly or covertly, organized or individual. Your workforce can take a negative position and resist publicly, and that will be very disruptive.

A worst case scenario, you can have a confrontation and conflict inside your organization.

Resistance can be made by your workforce unknowingly, by their actions, their language, and conversation they share at the workplace.

If you have a covert resistance to the change, it can damage the progress of your desired changes. It is hard to deal with because you do not see or hear it.

People do not like changes unless they think that it will be perfect for themselves, you can find your organization in the middle of a conflict that is threatening your business, and can cause delay to your plan for the changes.

The Future Of The Workplace And What HR Can Do To Prepare

Such a conflict will affect the adoption of the changes and the day to day life at the workplace too. Employee resistance will certainly affect the contribution and the relationship in the workplace.

 Who is the Employee That is Resistance to Change

How to find who the employee or employees that are resisting your changes are? Listen to the gossip and look around on your employee’s actions. Notice if some employees a missing meeting that are about the changes. Accomplishing late the assignments or forgetting commitments or simply do not appear at the meeting can be the symptoms of resistance to changes. Some staff will come to you to ask questions or tell you what is going between their colleagues.

You can have some employees that will present more aggressive resistance to the changes, asking why is the change needed or how it is unfolding. Lower position employees may express the opposition to change by slow down the works they do use the traditional excuses to work less — misunderstanding directions, and, in rarer cases, organizing the workplace to bring in a labor union.

Resistance to change can have different forms like verbal criticize, asking nitpicking questions, failing to adopt, snide comments, missing to a meeting, endless arguments, lack of support talk. In a very bad situation, you can see committing outright sabotage.

If your employee did not like the change and you could not make them change their idea you could see that they are failing to take action to move the change ahead.

Low morale can be affecting your work and cause damages in all the tissue of workers, managers and owners relationship.

Resistance to Changes Can Create Stress

Resistance to change can grow when your staff feels that there was not sufficient support to gain the expected result of the change, following this problem you can see signs of change weary workers.

We leave in a fast-changing world so we can see the need to change very frequently.

Some changes are the natural growth of the organization; others are the change in electronics in the workplace. Modern management is a changing world too. When noting is the same anymore you can see that your people are tired of changes and they will show more resistance to the changes.

Organizations are continually evolving, which means (continuous) change is inevitable. Last year’s change was continuous improvementemployee involvement, and team development. This year it’s a focus on serving internal customers, and three years ago, employees were asked to adopt a new management structure in a lean, agile workplace. With things constantly changing, it’s no wonder employees end up being resistant.

How To Minimize Resistance to Change

If you have in your organization a culture of trust, good and open communication, your employees are involved and engaged with positive interpersonal relationships you will have no difficulties to feel the resistance if it will occur, and more then likely you will have no resistance, or it will be easy the manage.

In such a work environment, managers and employees feel free to talk or discuss anything that is important like changes and the way to make then a success.

A trusting environment everyone will know what and why are the changes, and help and cooperation will be the norm for implementing changes.

The (Millennial) Workplace of the Future Is Almost Here — These 3 Things Are About to Change Big Time

The introduction of changes into a healthy working environment is much easier because of the open relationships, and a lot of discussions that are made between the whole workforce.

The more your people know about your change purpose, the less they will oppose it.

The more your people know about your change purpose, the less they will oppose it.

The more your people know about your change purpose the less they will oppose it.

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