How to Say Politely No To The Job Applicants

How to Say Politely No To The Job Applicants




   By John Wolf

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Do you reject applicants in the proper, polite way or dump them? The feedback received from job seekers; it looks like only a few employers do care about the way they inform the applicant that they were not accepted the application for the so much desired job.

We will review In this article the steps to inform the applicant that he or she is no longer in the position of the candidate for the job they were looking for starting. As the recruiting has four stages process, we will see how to make the notice at every stage.

When to Reject a Job Applicant

Presenting an application for your posted job take some work to prepare, updating the CV and writing the cover letter.

The applicant deserves the consideration of a reply that you have read the application’s papers. It can be an automatic reply by email.

They need to know about your next steps in the hiring process.

They need to know whether they were selected to be interviewed or not. You can join this notification with the confirmation about receiving and reading the application for the vacancy. Most of the employers will notify into different letters, the reception of the CV and message at the first communication and the rejection on this stage or the invitation for the interview in a second letter.

Important; The applicants deserve to know where they are standing in your perspective as employees, it is essential to see if you’re rejecting them, there are other options out there.

You start selecting your new employee at first contact with them on the phone or in a meeting. Once you started, the contact with the applicants let them know how is your process of choosing new people to your workforce.

Providing the information to the applicant, they will feel better informed and more positive about your way of managing the recruitment. Let the candidates know when you are going to communicate them about the situation of their application.

When to Call and Reject a Job Applicant

Do not let the people wait for you more then it is needed, once you got the decision, Make the applicant know the bad news so he or she will not lose time and go ahead for another job opening. In the case of good news coordinate an interview with the candidates.

Employer of Choice

Note: When you treat the rejected applicant you can damage your image as a desired employer and pay for it by having less interested job seekers in the future. People that are looking for a job join together and exchange information about optional employers. They can meet waiting in the companies reception or online in social media. Remember this and never teat bad a rejected prospect. Keep the image of An EMPLOYER OF CHOICE

6 Ways to Reject a Candidate as Painlessly as Possible

When to Time, the Rejection of an Applicant

Remember that your workplace will need respectful and trustful employees. Do it for your applicant too, once you know the future of an applicant call him and let him see the reality, respecting his or her time and avoid your rejected applicant unnecessary stressful days.

Do not be disrespectful employer it will not be congruent with the way an employer of choice. Let the applicants know as soon as you know about the rejection of their job. It will be an honest approach to the rejected job applicant.

Do not let the applicant wait for your answer with no need. Treating the candidates that bad will cost you losing your reputation as a good employee.

Today’s world of social media will let one disappointed person the capability to inform more than 1000 friend or follower on the social media posting.

Once you decided the applicant is not the right person for the job send him the message that he or she is not candidates anymore. Keeping it open may push you to take what you have and not what you need.
After that, you selected a group of applicants that are a qualified and good cultural fit, do not leave than uninformed, let them know that they qualified, but there are more people that now you will make another round of interviews for the election of the applicant that will win the job.

In this way, you will not have the candidates in the dark and may lose them if they will become impatient and go to someone ells.

What Not to Do When You Reject a Job Candidate

Rejecting someone is not that was looking for a job in your organization, means that he or she are not what you need or want for the job. It is not rejecting the individual as a human.

Use flexible terms for the rejecting; it can be like “ We will not pursue your candidacy further. We retain your application and consider it in the future. (Only if it is true)

  • Email can be used for an adverse notification about the job application only at the beginning before the interview took place. After the interview was made you will need to make a phone call. Never a text or email.
  • Make sure not fall in a situation that will give the rejected person a reason to come back to you with a claim about unlawful discrimination because you told him something like “there are better options than you. You may be asked in what? What are the differences? Do not go there! 
  • Be careful about any critics or answering an applicant request for feedback. That can drag you to a lawsuit.

Applicant Rejection by Employers

The point of view of the job searchers, there is a question asked, “ what to do about follow up the employers they had an interview? When days or months before an answer comes from the employer that was looking for filing an empty job.

In this case, the applicants assume that this was not their lucky job seeking and move on. Leaving a trail of discontent about your lake of respect to the employees and move on for the next job application.

It is bad for the organization’s reputation to not respond to an applicator with whom there was in contact. Say yes or say no and do not drag it more then you need to take your decision.

Applicant Rejection Sample Letters

rejection email

You can and need to be kind, gracious and respected when you pass a message that naturally will not be a moment of happiness. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog      Paystub

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