Small business owner? How you can retain your good workers

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A Small business owner? How you can retain your good workers

Small business owner your employees need pay stubs

You start your business

You started your business alone, time passed, your business has grown that much that you started interviewing and reading resumes, finally you succeeded in hiring your staff that will help you to accomplish all the jobs your business needs now. You teach and train your new employees, they become your dream team.

An employee of the month  is important for your all team

Special training, attention, and budget were given to your manager Bob. Yoy sent Bob to learn human sources management, Leadership in small companies and more short training to improve Bob’s skills.

Time passed by Bob became your star manager. You enjoy extra time to look even far ahead of growing your business.

Your worries about employees leaving you

Among you worry about the future of your business, you should think about the nightmare you can suffer if Bob will leave your company and you will need to make a new Bob. How you can retain your good employees is a topic you need the manage very carefully. Your employees are your most important asset, they are the motor of your business.

The option of a better job is always around the corner, getting a better salary or more interesting job is the interest of anyone that is an employee.

Keep the employee’s rights to keep them with you

All the process of recruiting a new employee and train him can cost you thousands of dollars. Read more it as 20% of the salary that you paid the leaving employee. The center for American progress

Employees need pay stubs

Some employees will leave you no matter how good they are and how much love and dollars you will give invest in them. They may look for something bigger or a new start where they are going to be the No 1 as owners or CEO. It is necessary to have marked replacing for the key-employee. Cultivating the seconds in charge to be ready to convert into a No.1 is not easy in a small business.

One other typical reason for turnover are young graduates that are looking for the first job to start their carrier. This young person after they get a year or two of experience they will be more attractive recruit option for your competition or your own clients if you give service to other companies. For a young person that gets a doubling salary offer, it will be a natural decision to migrate to the next job.

The employee of the year.

The story of an Industrial Psychologist. In a working place that had a common working area. A team of technicians came and first measured the light intensity on the desks. After a few days came to another team that uninstalled the long fluorescent lights that were hanged on the long side of the room and installing it on the board side of the hall. When they were asked what is the reason for the change they told the employees that it was found that the light is better to their health when hanged to the board side.

Employees payroll needs pay stubs

How to do the magic of longtime employees:

Keeping your employees steady for long years starts from the moment you are recruiting them.

  • Looking for your employees is a most important mission, read our article about Learn about the Traits Of The Ideal Employee. A small company may have 2 to 20 employees, the small team makes any one of its members an essential and vital part. Imagine a 200 workers company that loses 40 workers at the same time or a small business that lost only two employees this is the same percentage but not the same impact.

A good employee can stay for years.

  • Benefits like vision and dental coverage and flexible work schedule if your industry can work this way, this advantages will be appreciated and work like glue for keeping the people working and not looking for greener grass. Making this kind of benefits to depend on seniority will be a good incentive for keeping the turnover rate low.

Labor rights

  • Communication is a key factor in a human relationship, Business is made up of owners, managers and workers all are human Thus emotion animals. Money is important but a good word, expressing appreciation for a good job is not less important than money. Good tools for this are the Employee of the month and year. Benefit special achievements with an improved condition or pricing like a paid vacation on a cruise ship.

  • Make a family of your employees. In a small business, it is closer to be true when you say that “We are family” be connected to your people, learn about their family and go to weddings and funerals. Be there for your employees. Having friendly coworkers and loved boss worth a lot, sometimes more than money, leaving this kind of working places is like breaking a family by divorce or death. People will need a very good reason or advantage to leave their world of work, a friendship where they belong.

  • Maintain openness about the way the company his managing. Listen to the employee’s ideas and let them participate in the improvement of the job they are doing, and most important let them feel that they matter to you and your company.

Having the employee of the year is an incentive for all your employees

  • People may stay or in their job or move to a new job, because of reasons that have nothing to do with their employer. Employees with children may stay because of the schools in the area they live. The triangle of home, school and working place has a geographic phase like commuting, educational phase as school quality and stability of friends for parents and children. Taking the above into consideration when you hire can help you avoid losing good employees. You should ask the applicants for a job about this matters and prefer those that tend to stay in the areas near your business.

      pay stubs are essential for keeping your employees

In short, summary, keep your employees as you most important Treasure, be human, talk, interact share with your employees. Keep them close to your heart.

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