Advantages of the diversity in your workforce Part 2

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5. Happier Customers

Your workers are coming from the society, so they reflect the society’s tissue too. You have old and young customers, local and immigrants from all over the world, and the same are your employees.

Having a high level of diversity in your workforce can be very beneficial to the relations with your customer’s satisfaction and sales. People have more confidence to “one of them” Diversity In Fashion Advertising Does Sell found that black women preferred black models by buying 1.5 times more the articles that were shown by black models. In the case of white women did not care who the model is.

6. Improved Attraction and Retention of Staff

Inclusiveness helps you to attract and retain employees. As you can see in the  survey by recruiting firm Glassdoor where 67% of the people replied: “diverse workforce was an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.” Say Glassdoor: “On the employee side, more than half (57 percent) of respondents think their employer should be doing more to increase the diversity of its workforce.” Diversity is important for the society in all aspects and backgrounds. Some heterosexual white males feel threatened, but many others have a positive opinion about it. Today it is clear that by promoting diversity you do good to the whole society, and your business will have only better results in finances and more attracting better staff to your company.

7. Awareness of Trends for Different Demographics

The satisfaction of your clients is what you are constantly looking to achieve; all your operation is busy doing something for it, one part of the efforts is looking into the future to see what the customer will need. The profile of your clients can show you the direction of this goal. As today’s public is diverse, you need to find the specific profile for each segment of your possible buyers.

One way to have some help in doing the segments profiles is to have employees coming from the same social segment of the public you want to serve. Having an employee that comes from the community is like having a direct source of information about customs faith, tradition, taboos, etc. on the other side is the touch on real-time between your employee and the client that can produce the confidence and understanding that makes the sale. A diverse team and this guide can do miracles Cross-Culture Communication When cultures meet without someone that is knowing both sides well enough you can expect less understanding and fewer sales.

8. Improve Your Reputation

GAP sorry for ‘offensive’ and that made a young black girl seem like a prop to some

The reputation of a business is a matter of life or death. You spent a lot of money on advertising and PR on your customer base. By being known as inclusive and winning diversity awards, you get free positive media that goes all the way to the different segments of your clientele creating interest and find of the diverse groups of customers. You will be able to read more reputation and diversity in the coming articles. In the larger companies with a diverse board of directors, you will find the influence of having diversity all the way through recruiting workforce and doing the thing that is related to the diversity of the public around the business activities.

9. Avoid Litigation

Avoiding litigation is the worse reason to promote diversity in your company, you better believe in need of diversity action first as a good thing to do, second as improving business profits, and only the last reason should be no getting sued. For those of you, my dear readers that do not take diversity as a good thing or obligation Do not make the mistake of violating the low. In the year 2006, the Employment Commission had to deal with only!! 91,503 charges of workplace discrimination. Equal opportunity laws are there to be respected. As you could read above it is good for you to open the door to new employees of any kind and origin.

Litigation can happen, some people can feel bad when they do not get a job and think they are good enough for this job and you did not let them in because of there difference. You thought that this person is not qualified and you can show that you do have other employees from a different social group and build your defense on it.

10. It’s the Right Thing to Do!

We have seen that diversity is good, it is the human thing to do and business wise good too. Sometimes it gets bad press; some people take it as favoritism, this kind of critics come s from a bad execution of the idea and law too. In the case that the jobs are given to the wrong people that have less capacity to do the job, but they got the job just because “We need one gay one native and one disabled no matter if they qualify or not. Remember that being different is not an advantage. A fair chance is for all, and you need the best team you can find and effort.


Reading this article, we could see that there are good reasons to increase the diversity within your company.

The mission of increasing diversity is not that easy as to put an announcement, intervene with the people and get a bunch of multi-type new employees. You will have to learn the different dimensions of diversity; it is not only race and gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability and more. Some adaptation of you hiring process may be needed to get successful hiring of more diverse backgrounds.

It is not only looking for diverse sources of employees and recruiting the best ones. You need to have your workplace culture to adapt to the receiving of this new and little different colleges. For a good seed to germinate, you need good and ready soil that will embrace the newcomers and let them feel welcomed. Your existing employees may need some training to help them overcome any problems that may come from the new reality in their working place.

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