An employee paystub is as important as your corporate social media picture

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Presented by     By John Wolf


I was wondering what your profile picture has to do with your paystub.

That is not an obvious question since comparing your profile picture with your check stubs is hard. But at the end of this post, you will understand the reason for comparing these two.

Did you know that, on average, a Facebook user changes his profile photo 18 times yearly? So, you can imagine how vital a social media picture is;

  • It appears in the Newsfeed of your followers
  • It is posted on your page’s Timeline
  • It comes along with your Replies, Comments, and Posts you make on other pages.

Besides, people recognize you through your profile picture. Let’s say you are running a business through Facebook. Have you met with all those who have followed you online? Of course, not! But they still count on you and work with you.

Your profile picture posted somewhere helps create your ‘righteous’ first impression without meeting the person face to face. It helps them identify you in the crowd of many. It is in this same way that a paystub works for an employer.

How Do Check Stubs Turn Out To Be Important For Employers?

Your company’s paystub acts as a ‘profile picture.’ How a paystub looks will depict an employee’s and organization’s values. For an employee, it is essential to understand the paystub. But for an employer, paying attention to how the check stub appears is more important.

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Below are some key points to remember when designing your company’s new or updated employee paystub:

Keep Company Changes Updated

With time, there may be many changes associated with your brand. So, if you have recently updated a logo or made other changes to your branding, you need to update your paystub accordingly.

Similarly, if you moved to a new place or modified your work address in any way, ensure that the address you add to the payroll is accurate and up to date. While it is helpful for the employees to have the correct information in front of them, if you do not provide this information, you may also be non-compliant as per your employee’s work state.

Legal Agreements cannot be Overlooked.

Of course, the company’s image and branding is an important thing. But it is not the only thing that matters. The pay stub details you provide to employees must be mandated by the state where that employee works. This becomes more important if the employees are not exempt from overtime.

As far as California is concerned, the state rules require the full legal name and address of the employer to be displayed on the employee paystub, the absence of which can lead to significant civil penalties.

Help to gain prospective staff confidence.

Employees nowadays are brilliant. For instance, there is a requirement in your company for some particular position. They conduct a thorough check of the company details before joining. An adequately created paystub can help attract potential employees in such a situation.


So, it is the right time to start if it has been a while and you haven’t updated your employee paystub.