Are going to buy a used car? Here is what you need to know

Are you looking for a used car? is at your service with all want you need to know about buying used vehicles

Todays used cars shopping has an online option that opens a broad window to the market. Dealers and private people are announcing cars for sale. You can find the car you are interested in, see a photo and read about its conditions and price. It is essayer to concentrate on the options that fit your needs and budget.

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Buying a used car means putting less money on commuting or moving around, less money for insurance and car loan or more money kept in your bank account or business. A used car may be more money on spare parts and garage jobs. Todays Autos are much more reliable than in the past, 100,000 miles of good use can still be rarely visiting the garage for more than maintenance. is presenting its website visitors an overview of the essential points for buying a good used car with no problems.

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List of to do for buying a used car

  • Calculate carefully you financial sources. A car loan should be pre-approved, and cash capacity checked. Look for a car that you can buy without chocking your regular money need.

  • Choose the right vehicle for your needs.

  • Check the costs of owning the model use have chosen. Some cars are heavy consumers of Gas; others have a high price for there spare parts.

  • Online search, reading the classifieds and visiting the car dealerships to find the best option on the market.

  • Pricing guides are where you can learn the market price of the cars you are interested.

  • History reports are a MUST! Use the vehicles ID number to see its past life.

  • Make some phone call to possible sellers and get some necessary information before running around looking on cars you may discard by calling.

  • Test drive the cars to see if it is the car you will feel good using and it is in good shape.

  • Never go alone, always take a good friend with you, a second person is less emotionally involved so he can cool you down and pull your attention to issues you do not wish to see when you meet this red car you always dreamed of having.

  • Bargaining is the rule of life, look for the best price for the car made, model and shape.

  • Documentation for closing a deal buying a car must be done correctly.

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Those were the basic point; now we will go to the details.


You have to options, Cash or taking a car loan. In the case of cash, you have to spare money for registration and insurance. In the case that your elected used car needs some repairs keep some more reserves.


Get car insurance quotes and coverage. Here

Taking a car loan will leave your savings well kept is a saving account and may give you a better option to select a car. The pre-approved loan will let you get a better deal, you can check on different car vendors private or dealerships.

The auto loan calculator Auto Loan Calculator can help you calculate your better option of terms and rates. Consider a 10% down payment or more if you can. Taking a loan that needs more than the 20% of your total income as installment is not recommended.

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Choose a car

That is the moment to take all the factors into account. First your family size and needs of commuting. Safety is a top superiority  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is where you can compare crash tests of different cars. Make a list of features you consider the priority. You can find a lot of help by looking at Choose three or four car models for more thorough research

Reliability and ownership

Be sure to choose the type of a car that is known for its dependability. Use consumers reports and maintenance reports an excellent place to look for information is  J.D Power

Collecting some cars and their difference is essential. Some are cheap to buy a used car because of the high cost of maintenance and spare part. One more good place to search is Kelley Blue Book Expensive spare parts are not an all single factor; it is important to know that the model has excellent build and it takes years to reach the need for spare parts.

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Online places for looking after your perfect used car

  • CarMax: This is more like an online store. No negotiation permeated, the price is fixed.

  • Craigslist: Cheap low-end cars and risk of scammers. It is a free listing place.

  • AutoList: Search for you from many other places.

  • AutoTrader: Listing car is not free. As paying require identity scammers are not comfortable on this site. You can find a list of mid- and high-end vehicles. Search is comfortable; you can filter by price range and features year, make and model.

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Find the real price

The online search and the use of Kelley Blue Book. Can help you learn the market before going out to the car lots or car dealership places and kicking real tiers looking for your bargain of a good used car.

The factor that makes the price are:

Year, make & model, 2017 Honda Civic EX is an example.

Options, If the car has special futures built, like navigation equipment.

Mileage Two factors make a car old, the mileage, and the date. A 12,000 mile per year is the average use of a car. Some component is wear and tear by mileage and others just by time. Less mileage is more on price and visa verse.

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General conditions. The terms that are used are “clean” and “outstanding” the difference may rich up to $1,500.

A different seller can cause a difference in the price. Dealers retail price is higher then a “Private party” price, a trade-in deal will have a lower price than selling to a Private Party.

The report about vehicle history

You found a car that you like, it has nice conditions and good price, before you move ahead, look for the vehicle history report. Input the vehicle identification number (VIN), use Carfax or AutoCheck

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