Business anxieties? Start running and you will feel better

 PAYSTUBMAKR.COM  Presents, Business anxieties problems and solutions.  8 psychologic  problems that influence small business managing and how to overcome them:

Failure to cope with domestic pressures.

The problem:

In a family business, the couple is owning the company, and the outcome of it has a direct influence on both husband and wife. When the couple has different opinions on the business plans and the means to resolve problems, the fears of failing or the lake of mutual supporting is the mother of all the troubles. It is a family issue to deal or collapse, there is no other option. It is like my in-law use to say, “When poverty comes through the door love goes out of the window.” Arguments on livelihood most likely get the couple into divorce.

Business and family are a success or double failure.

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The solution:

Being open, frank, honest and share the reality between the couple, discussing together the situation, clearing the actual status of the business is the best way to deal with a crisis in the business and avoid a total collapse of the economic and marital life.

Small businesses should start as a joint venture of the couple or just a coalition this is even more important at the time that thing became hard. The Bible tells us that “Two are better than one
because they have a good return for their labor”
(Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

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Business anxiety

The problem:

Anxiety is what a person feels when he is restlessness and stressed, worried of a threat or a danger, real or imaginary, conscious or that he feels helpless in front of this fears. Anxiety can be unfocused and accompanied with restlessness. A feeling that something is going to happen. Business anxiety can be created because of different reasons. Tension makes a business owner subject to lousy mood leaving decisions and action for an undefined day, procrastination is not a good business companion, business opportunities can be missed, and bankruptcy can be a negative result of business anxiety that was not in-fronted and treated successfully.  Anxiety Disorders

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The solution:

Anxiety is the typical reaction to stress and is essential for survival. Be aware that high level of stress and anxiety for a long time can result in anxiety disorder that will need medical help.

Own a business is not an easy mission.

Paralysis and Procrastination

The problem

People that are experiencing paralysis of action and procrastination use the term “Tomorrow is another day” (Scarlet O`Hara Gone with the wind). It is typically to the people that believe that tomorrow will be better and deal with the pressure instead of managing their business and life. Postponing critical decision like replacing old equipment or letting a good partnership proposition to go just because it needs firm choices.

The solution:

It is essential to get help from a coach or other professional business consulting before the company will suffer impossible to recoverable damage. New manager or even sell the business can save it from an economic and personal disaster.

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The problem

Loneliness is much like depression. Workaholic people are lonely people they spend most of their time and energy on work neglecting the social life, friends and family are left aside, divorce and distancing from people live them with no social supporting. Once they have a moment of crisis, they have no one that can help, hear and make them strong enough to overcome a hard time.

The solution

With no coach or psychiatrist, it will be hard for this kind of personality to change and look for a new real friend, new activities that do not work like reading and art or new personal relation.

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Outbursts of anger and anger:

The life under constant pressures of the small business can convert the owner or manager into a bad-tempered, impatient and become having low attention level. It is evident that this kind of personality will do severe damage to the business, employees will be leaving the jog too frequently to learn their job. Clients will feel bad and do not come back. A crusty person can destroy the business.

The solution:

First of all is to accept the problem, with no acceptance there will be no change, and the sad finale will come. Once there it will be recognized and steps like taking a course about anger control that teaches how to forecast the outburst, then stop to listen and respond softly with less damaging language.

Stress and financial concerns

The problem:

The difference between worry and anxiety is that worry is not having less physical symptoms like anxiety. Alert light must be turned on when worries start to interrupt sleep and positive thinking on the future.

Anxious and stressful business owner that starts his day already tired, his concentration not at its best, making small errors daily that cost him money. Clients start returning goods and suppliers are nervous, this can become a vicious circle. When worries are overwhelming bad decisions can be taken, for example, taking a shark loan with no consideration of the consequence.


Money means life or the end of life. Having no money is a fearsome situation. It can make people critical mistakes. A couch or good friend can help with identifying the reasons for the problem and plan a recovery program. Things like regularly going to the Gim for exercise, walking in a park or nice forest path, healthy Nutrition and  Sleep Well practice, Healthy Sleep  and  Healthy Eating

The problem:

Trauma from past failure

Past failing business can lead to a traumatic shock when a new crisis occurs. Under this kind of shock, there is no right decisions to take, and a further failure is likely to happen.


You will need help from professional to cure this complex trauma. Someone has to show the people that are in this complex where they are making mistakes and give them the strength to keep calm and face reality with proper measures.

Depression because of low profits

A depressed person is a more severe situation than an anxious person. Depression takes happiness and plants sadness and loss of interest in life.

A depressed business owner is tired, not participating with his team. Not doing necessary actions, pessimist and see everything negatively. This depressed manager will pass his feeling to his subordinates and affects the whole business future.

Mental health: The ‘major issue’ small business owners are facing in silence

The solution:

The most critical reaction to this problem is to consult a Doctor and take his advice that may be an antidepressant drug.

The most important and helpful thing to do is intensive exercise. Though depressed people are not that enthusiastic about sports and practice, it is the best thing to do. The brain releases endorphins that make the excellent mood feelings on the people.