Did you ask yourself, why your employees hate you?

Here are some recommendations for you to Learn how to regain your employee’s respect and love.


By John Wolf

A good boss will be different from a bad boss by the way he makes the employees feel at the working place. The employees that are under a bad boss will be feeling unappreciated for their efforts the put into the work. They can feel unprepared by their boss for the challenges of ahead and develop animosity to their managers.

Employers and employees relationship are not a love story but a joint challenge with two different roles. Managers should be leading and supervising and workers have to make what is ordered and get the job done, whether it is a production or a service type of job, goals must be achieved. The boss that does not support his subordinated team-mates will lose their respect to the level of being disliked or even hated by his employees.

When you sense that your employees or the lower level staff of your team, simply hates you, it is the time to look honestly to your management practices and find where you are wrong, and how you won the hate or dislike of your employees. People do not hate other people with no reason, especially if the negative feeling is coming from a big part of your team o even worse from all of them. Hate is a toxic feeling that will create a hostile environment and affect negatively the production

Do you know what you’re doing?

Your employees will feel when you are fake and unsure of yourself, and they will not listen to your guidance. The more you will try to impress them with fake and empty messages the less they will respect you. If you show incompetence when you present your plans or orders, you will get a negative feedback to the level of losing the control on your team and end in losing your job if you will not make the necessary changes in your behavior.

When you feel that you are already over your head and your job or business are in danger. You can revert the situation by being open and straight, confronting the shortcomings by seeking help from your co-workers who have the capacity, experience or insight that you lack. Consider looking for outside help too.

Do you treat employees with respect?

Look at the possibility that you have been disrespectful without noticing it. You may reach the situation where your subordinated team members lost the confidence in you, impacting negatively their performance doing their tasks at the job.

How to Treat Employees With Respect to Increase Productivity

If you reached the situation described above you might need to rapier the damage by approaching the employees and ask them what you can do to make their job easier to do and reach the goals the company needs to be done and listen carefully to their complaints are and what are their suggestions.

There is the small thing that can be done and you missed it with no noticing it. Do you use the basic good manners like saying please and thank you? As a team leader, you must show respect by asking to do a task using the word please and gratitude by saying thanks. Remember that human is a social and emotional animal, we need to feel that we are important and respected. If you what to be respected respect first the other one. You can not take yourself apart and higher than your team, you are one of them though you are the boss. Being a leader and being the boss is not the same thing try to be the leader that cares about his team and about the job you have to do as a team. Do not forget that the negative result at work will affect your own future at the company or the future of your company.

If you are the team leader you must have a clear role for every one of your team. When the task is a team-oriented goal, you should keep the team-work clear as the whole group mission. It is not your lone task, you depend on your staff and they depend on your guiding and help. A successful job is a reason for all your team to feel satisfaction.

Do you over manage good employees?

How much managing is needed to accomplish the job your team needs? It is easy to make a wrong assessment on this. Keeping the balance of how much to manage or how much to be on top of your team is like walking on a thin wire. To much will make your teammates over controlled and feel negative. Not supervising enough may lead to low performance, mistakes and failing to accomplish the job. Fly like a butterfly above the team and look at how they do and let them feel they can make it in their way, learn from mistakes and become a more experienced team. Though keep your eyes to see when they need your help, they will appreciate you more when your help is needed.

Poor Employee Performance: Management Skills To Consider

Recruiting new employees or changing the position of your team members will need your attention with training and guidance. If you see that with the time passing you do not reduce the time of guidance, consider it as your fault. By over managing or micromanaging of good employees you will drive them to hate you and make them leave you.

Do you know what your employees are doing?

The leader knows that he has to know what his team members are doing, otherwise he will not be able to help guide or control their advance on the job and if he is needed to back off and leave the people to do the job by their own work. Great leaders have their team first Building a good team is the first thing that a good leader would do. If the team members are doing well you the boss can have more time for his main job that is looking ahead of the day to day job into a vision for the future.

You the boss have to be there for your team when they run into an obstacle, you are the person they look first for an advice if you are lost and lack of the good advice for the rescue they will stop looking for you and lose the respect to your leadership.

Respect Have to be Mutual Do you respect your workers time?

The employees have their life out of work, it may be studies, Sports, relations or family with kids or even other partly job like gig job. They are coming to your workplace scheduled to work 8 am.–5 pm. Mondays through Fridays, both you and your employees know that at this time they have to give full attention. Working over time can be momentary or occasionally when some important deadline occurs. Long time with over time into the night will be hard to bear by your staff. To a long time in work just because you did not recruit new workforce will create hate for you and your business that will end with low productivity and loss of employees. Seat with your staff and set a realistic goal or some extra bonus for the time to get on deadline and you will see the new atmosphere in your business.

Do you give credit when it is due?

People need their paycheck at the payday but it is not the only thing they are expecting to gain at work, it is some appreciation for their efforts, get the credit when they make something important for the company, solving an important problem. Do not make the mistake of neglecting this important but so easy to give your team. The way to completely mess it is when the manager takes the credit for himself alone. Stealing the people’s credit is too much to correct.

Do you have your employees’ backs?

One step towards the worse thing to do is to blame the employees of your own failed job. The moment that your employees will see that you are so coward, mean and able to pass the blame on them you lost them forever. You better look for another manager or look for a new job.


Are you a bully?

Can it be that you are a bully and you do not know it? Look at yourself and see if you are yelling at your employees trying to motivate them? Do you threaten then they will lose their jobs? Belittling employees and killing their confidence and self-esteem, name-calling or any bullying will build a toxic environment and killing any chance of a happy and successful workplace. If you are the owner of the business, and you see that your manager is a bully, show him the door before he will destroy your business.