Read and Learn How To Win a Place on the List of Good Employees?

Did You Win a Place on the List of Good Employees?


   By John Wolf      

Qualities of Good Employees

Your employer and your supervisor have a list whether on paper or in their mind where they note the level of the employees they respect more and consider the best of their workforce. You need to know who are the good employees that you can count on when you need to resolve a problem or do some extra job before the deadline is coming.

You can look around and see what makes a good employee at your workplace and start to emulate those actions. Do not forget that you have your traits to show. Every workplace has its culture that will you need to learn it before taking action.

Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Different employers have different parameters for their good employee. One will like those workaholics that stay working overtime or even overnight. Another one will look for a creative person. Above these particular qualities, there is the fundamental character of a good worker.

You can feel and read your position on the list of the good worker by looking at the training you receive and the kind of tasks you get from your boss. If you get high training and difficult tasks, it means that you are one of the elite group at your workplace. You receive more information because your boss trusts you, and the way you will use the information. You will have more lateral moves and promotion because you are considered a good employee.

Being one of the stars on the list, you will have you receiving better raises aggressive performance development plans and the largest bonus. You will be asked to lead some special projects. You will be invited to attend more important meetings and more mentoring time will be given to you if you are one of the selected employees.

Good organization will have your boss informing you about your value and your position on the list of good workers. Other companies will not notify its employees about their success as workers. You will see who is the one that gets the bonus and the good projects. If you never won a bonus that means that you are not that successful to be on the desired list.

Work Ethics

How to Get on the List

When you see that you are not on the list of good workers but somewhere below this list, you may think that you need to take action and change this situation to a much better one. It will be a hard work task, but you can do it.

You will need to make significant changes in your life, bad habits like coming late to work or skip some days each month, You may need to improve your skills, and work harder. Your attitude may need to be changed, your outlook and your values and beliefs will need to be shaken and change. These changes are trying to make, but there is a second part of the equation that will require even more effort.

  • Once you start working and your boss and supervisors got an impression on your capacity and disciplined it will be hard to change it. You will need to make things in the best way possible and for long enough time until they will change their opinion about your position in the company. It may be better to find a new start in a new workplace.

Good Employees Checklist for Success

I will review here are the qualities, skills, characteristics, attitudes, beliefs, and values that are needed for the conquest of the top place on the list of the good guys at your workplace.

Being on top of this list will bring you to garner gratitude, privileges, and success, why not make an effort needed to do it? Need some advice? Read the tips below.

Good Employees Work Hard

Do not make the show of staying late at work or coming early making yourself like a hard-working employee. What counts is the performance and the results of your work. Your boss sees the results not the efforts.

Good Employees Will Tell You the Truth and Have Reputations for Integrity

A good employee will show integrity at work and in response will gain the employer’s trust and confidence. A good worker will not scam the system or make himself or herself look good by shade stories. Trust is fundamental for teamwork your manager must be sure about the information he gets from the workforce, making decisions based on fake information will have a disastrous influence on the boss and the employee.

Good Employees look forward to Growth and Development

A good employee will be hard working one with a vision for his or her future. Growing career using the skills and traits, capabilities, contributions, breadth of influence, positive impact, exceptional results, and more he or she has will be the mission of a good employee.

Good Employees Are Accountable

One can not be a good employee if he or she are not gaining the trust of the employer and taken by the managers as an accountable person. Taking the responsibility on success and failure makes the employee.

Good Employees Value Others

Looking at the employees at the workplace, you will see the good employees fostering the teamwork exhibit mature emotional intelligence to communicate with other employees and help on a work situation. Active listener

Good Employee Will look  to Expand the  Contribution

The good employee will look where he or she can help beyond their obligation. Helping the other co-workers in their tusks if needed. They will be asking for more responsibilities and ways to add value to the job.

Good Employees Will look For Continuous Improvement

You know what to do to climb up on the list of the good employees, all you need is to start right now. You, your boss and coworkers will enjoy your achievement. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog


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