Stupid Things Managers Do With Common Sense Solutions

Stupid Things Managers Do With Common Sense Solutions


   By John Wolf

Common Sense Conducts That Leaders Can Show Instead

We are going to review five dumb things that leaders do though it could be avoided with the use of some common sense before acting.

Here is the list of five stupid things that a boss can do and the right actions that are needed to take to avoid them.

Never take the credit for your employee’s ideas or solutions! Do just the opposite, look for your employees’ good action and give them credit for their extraordinary success. The acknowledgment of the employee and the precognition of his or her credit in public will be the best way to have your staff’s satisfaction at a high level.

Stupid Things Managers Do To Kill Morale

On the other side, the manager that takes the employee work and credit it to himself or herself will lose the employees respect and will be universally despised.

Manger ‘s job is to make people work the best they can, the success of the subordinates is the success of the manager as a manager not as a problem solver. The success of the reporting staff is the success of the manger that found the right people to work for the organization and gave them the trust and the atmosphere to achieve the goals.

Employees will take action against the manager that takes their credits. First, they withhold their ideas to present them to a higher level than their immediate manager. The higher hierarchy manager will wonder why you are not taking part in the presentation of the new idea, as you should be doing.

Make Rules to Control the Actions of a Few Employees That You Must Extend to the Many

Give something to a few people that later you must extend to all of your people.

A problem will always appear in the workspace; a smart manager will address the problem and the employee together. An unthinking manager will make a new rule and impose it on everybody whether they are part of the problem or not.

As a result of making new rules to control the behavior of part of your workforce. When part of a team made a problematic situation do not address all your staff together, the good and the bad. You must address your critics to those that made the mass, or you will lose the effect of correction. By calling your good guys as the bad guys, you make them wonder why you are yelling on them. The employees that cause the problem will feel hidden within the group and will not take seriously the critics on their bad behavior.

An example, part of the teaching staff in a high school was failing to attend class on time. The director was yelling in the staff meetings about it but never addressed only and directly to those teachers that came late and unprepared to the school.

In Management, Stupidity Is An Advantage

The director kept yelling at every staff meeting with no positive results. Screaming louder and threaten the entire teaching staff with suspicion.

With no results, the director changed the reaction by asking the teachers to sign in and out when they arrived or leave school. In this way, the director “punished all the teachers that had to add one thing more to do at the moment they are coming to school instead of going straightly to the classroom.

Some teachers had to change schedule with childcare; others felt bad for being un-trusted by the school authorities, the morale of the school teachers went down for the entire school year. The results in resolving the behavior of the miscreants never changed.

At the next year, a new director took place and at the first time that a teacher came late the teacher was suspended, there was no more coming late to work.

Keep the bad employees for too long before being fired.

An experienced manager will find quite quickly that new employee will not be a good fit for the workplace needs. But many times Managers hesitate to address the issue fast and decisively.


Managers may dislike having conflict and convince themselves that the newcomer will improve by extra training, or they do not want to start looking for a new employee. By firing the recruits, the manager admits his or her error had the failing employee. We do not like to be wrong.

A manager hired an employee that immediately shows that he is not obeying the safety rules of the company. Within the first 60 days of work, the employee received two written warnings but was not fired. A few days later breaking the safety rule, the employee broke his ankle.

Now the company had decided to fire the employee, but the situation became complicated because long time was given to the employee that now complicated the situation. We have an injured employee with a worker’s claim and a record on safety recorded accident, lawyers consultation and a lot of headache instead of firing the employee before he made a mass.

Make promises that you will not keep or promises that you do not have the conditions to accomplish.

Employees will take the managers word until the manager will fail to keep the promised. Once the manager fails to keep the promises he or she will be burn, no more trust between the employee and the boss. The trust will be hard to recover.

A manager must be able to use the two phrases “I do not know” and “I will find out” being frank and honest about knowing or not is very important, it is better to use the truth than talk without knowing and become the stupid manager that answer with no knowledge and appear stupid and ignorant.

The manager promised comp time and did not honor it. The project failed he told his people. No one will take the word of such a manager. Morale and motivation are lost in this place. This team left the company for good and forever. The manager will have to look for new employees and build the team all over again.


The manager who never trusted an employee until the employee accomplished it becoming untrustworthy

If the manager treats the employees as untrustworthy, they will regard the manager with the same distrust in return.

Managers should first show confidence and trust toward their staff. Open eyes are needed to see who is not trustworthy and who is not. Showing no trust to the good teammate will kill the trust and motivation of this employee.

Managing is a tough job, dealing with people every day is a constant struggle with different characters, new conflicts can appear from nowhere and the solution must be on hand. A manager can make the job easier by managing the interaction with the employees with common sense and build an employee-friendly workplace.

Positive employee morale, motivation and engagement result by managers doing the right thing at the right time with their workforce. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog




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