Fraudulent paystubs are a threat for lenders, learn how the deal with it.

Fraudulent pay stubs are a threat to lenders.




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Fraudulent pay stubs 

Fraudulent pay stubs are a common threat in the world of loans and credits like dealerships, home loans, rent of homes or apartments, and small loans. The damage from fraudulent paystubs goes from unpaid back loans to the loss of trust between dealerships and their finance companies. Some finance specialists warn that the problem is on the rise, and they blame not only the customers. 

Web Help for Getting Mortgage the Criminal Way

A dishonest customer can cause a lot of damage to the dealership and the loan company. These industry people illustrate that getting things out of control with a fraudulent customer is effortless.  




Night job for a thief

Dealers and finance companies like those who lend money for the dealership customers ask the customer for a proof of income. The news is that it became easy for the customer to falsify un-existing salary or a more significant pay than the real one. 

Customers can go online and use a paystub maker service to make a paystub. That is a service that is for small businesses, self employees contractors and gig workers. Read about; Pay-as-you-go tax payments for Gig-job workers.  

The same Websites are a good help for an employer like a barbershop with 2 or 4 employees, or freelance that need to calculate tax, and withholding from his or her earnings.  Some people that look for an easy way to get a car loan and use this paystub online to make fake pay stubs

. The demand created the offer. Some people will make phony verification for this employment including a phone number with somebody to answer it. There are others that will add bank statements to show that there is related money in the bank. 

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A stunning situation for you?

A long time ago things were made by hand, in the year 1972, a Miami Dolphins player arose the computer made dates and replace it by handwriting.

There is a story about a dealer that had ten one numbers, five for income verification and the other five for residence address. The end was that somebody noticed the repeating numbers. 

Never a Good Reason

 The creation of false paystub is wrong! Penalties are heavy, $1 million or 30 years in prison.

The vast majority of the people that use the online paystub maker are owners of dissent small businesses. They the withholding calculation, and save the high cost of accountant for payroll and paystub service. There are always some people that care little about being honest. They quickly will input into the system fake employment and salary to make the lenders think that they would be able to pay the loan. The way a lender can avoid being duped is to have his employment and income verifications system.  Once you find that you were cheated you naturally will buy back the deal. Criminal charges can be dodged  —  if the dealer is not involved himself or can be accused of neglecting or other wrongdoing.

Going online and making a document like fake paystub, and using it for getting a loan is participation in bank fraud. 

knowingly executes, or attempts to execute, a scheme or artifice to obtain any of the money, funds, credits, assets, securities, or other owned property owned by, or under the custody or control of, a financial institution, by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations or promises.” 

Ask your lawyer about a loan that you used fake pay stubs to show employers that you do not have. 

Credit card fraud

The Price of Too much


When a dealer let go, fake employers on fake paystubs, he is subject to criminal charges. That something that may not happen because it can be hard to present the fact that he did know it is fake. What more than likely will happen is that the industry tools like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission is that you will get caught and punished.


Once you get caught with your hand in the cooky jar, it does not have to become criminal. You still are risking to ruin the relationship, which means that you are out of business.

Online Paystub

For the dealer that read this article, do not take for granted any paystub that your customer presented you. Double check and make sure that the employer is real, and the salary is what is on the paystub.

The industry of car loans is huge, but the world is small when it comes to spreading the news about someone risky for the business. Dealers should avoid falling into this trap.

We at Paystubmakr found some correlation between the payment with fake cards and the incomplete billing address of our customers. They file disputes by card owners that are not the customer themselves

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