Gender Equality in Your Business, How to Achieve it. Part I

PAYSTUBMAKR.COM present you an article about Gender Equality in Your Business.

Are you thinking of your business as a gender equal workplace? Do you ready to do it?

Let us start doing it.

1. Set Your Gender Equality Goals

The different goals of Gender Equality:

A 50/50 Goal

A 50% women and 50% men in a workplace looks like a good goal to achieve, to begin with, but it is not all the story, there are more goals in the list.

Salary and position are essential for equality. Ten executives, all men with high salary comparing to 10 women in support jobs with the wage much lower than the men’s wages is not equality. It should be as close as possible to half executives women and equal salary and half men as support staff with the same wages as the female support staff.

Equality Within Business Groups

In the first article Advantages of the diversity of your workforce Part1, we saw that the primary benefit from diversity is coming from the diverse perspectives. The more the team is diverse the better ideas and more innovation you can expect, while a homogeneous group will be more conservative and less creative with solving problems.

Having the women working in different area or level of your business will not create the fertilization that you are looking for by having the gender diversity. The way to gain the benefits from having gender diversity is to build your teams at all level made of mixed gender employees. Do not take is that rigid as it sounds, you still need to consider all the factors for each recruit and build your working team o levels with the best staff you can find. It may have more women than men or visa verse.

Equality Across Different Levels of the Business

Gender equality means complete access of women to the highest level of your business. No “glass ceiling” for women, only the best candidate will take the high-level position no matter if they are man or woman. MSCI report in 2015 tells us that women had just:


  • 18.1% of directorships at MSCI World Index companies

  • 19.1% of directorships at MSCI USA companies

  • 8.4% of directorships at MSCI Emerging Markets Index companies

You can read more about DGI Diversity Global Index in this website 2017 Gender Diversity Index Key Findings

You should be choosing the right people to do the job no matter what gender they are is the right thing to do. Though you better have as much gender diversity as you can. Gender diversity is good for business as we can see in some studies like this study made by the Catalyst Information Center Why Diversity Matters

1. Equality of Pay

We all work for the paycheck; the pay must be equal for genders when they do the same job, paystubs must have the same amount for men and women that are doing the same work.

The equality of wages is far from being a reality, women In the U.S., earn 80% than men do. It is even worse in the other countries.

Women are yet a minority in senior positions, so their influence on inequity is limited. Studies have also found that it is common to see that women are paid less in the same workplace for doing the same job and having the same experience and education.

You should avoid this gender bias in your business, offering the same salary for the same job no matter the gender.

2. How to Improve Your Hiring Practices

If your workforce is formed by a majority of men, hire more women to top positions with the same wages as you pay to your masculine staff.

To make the changes in hiring you will need to review the following:

  • How do you announce that you have a job

  • Where you put the announcement

  • What is the image of your company

  • How you interview the candidates

Below we will review them all assuming that you have a male majority though it can work the same if you are a feminine majority operation.

How You Advertise

The way you advertise can make or break it about women applying. The description of the job opening is critical for being attractive to women.

Harvard Business school tells us about how to write an ad for opening job Simple Ways to Take Gender Bias Out of Your Job Ads. There are some words such as “competitive” and “dominate” that makes women fly away from your job opening.

You can use the internet to find some help in writing about your job openings.

Advertise only the qualification that is related to the work that the job requires. The reason for this is that women will drop the job opening if they think that they do not meet the whole list of requirements. It is called a “confidence gap.”

3. Where You Advertise

Where to advertise your vacant positions? It is a good question; you need to know how are the reader of this published means, papers or websites, what demographics they cover, are they magazines or job boards. Some places are more men places, and others are women places use both places if you like the balance or the women preferred sites if you need more women on your payroll.

Using your staff as recruiters by word of mouth to look for women or other detentions of diversity can help you find more employees to fill your open jobs.