How to be a Friends and Influence your Co-Workers

How to be a Friends and Influence your Workers.

You Need to Act Genuinely and show a real Interest and Praise Coworkers frankly

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   By John Wolf


Dale Carnegie book, How to Win Friends and Influence Peopleis a known book, have you read it? More than likely not. In the case that you did read it did you applied Dale principles? Friendship is not necessary in the work-place, but it will make of it a better place when everyone treats his co-worker in a friendly way.


Dale Carnegie

In this article, we will concentrate solo on the three Carnegie main principals about winning friends and influence at your workplace. I hope that you are going to use these ideas and win friends and power in your organization.

The 5 Most Important Rules of Turning Work Relationships Into Real Friendships

Be Genuinely Interested in Co-workers

Having some small talk at the water cooler or coffee break will not be effective if it will not be genuine and modest, Terms like “I did this” “I think” “My idea” will show that you are thinking about yourself first.

By switching to talk about something else then your ideas or yourself in general, showing that you are interested in the other people will gain influence on them.

You have known yourself all your life; nothing is new about yourself. Do not forget that you are in a working place and some distance should be kept between you and your superiors or your subordinated co-workers, do not go too personal with your topics for small talk or building some closer relationship buy not too close. A good way is to talk about a hobby or the result of the last football game of the co-worker’s preferred baseball team. It should like the following. Hi John, I saw that the Yankees won the Monday game, are not you happy about it?


Using the sports games will show that you made an effort to know what is John’s favorite team, not to personal but show that you are paying attention to John’s essential things.

You should learn your co-worker’s marital status, how many children they have and general health things. Do not dif into their personal life but a small gift for the first birthday of a baby will make a big influence on your employee, that will feel very happy thinking that you took the time to know when is the birthday of a newborn child.

Asking about the employee’s grandmother every once in a while will show that you care about your people.

The above are basic things that build a relationship; there are some work-related tasks. There is the routine work reporting to you by your subordinated staff; you should watch what is done at work and how it is accomplished by your staff. To build a relationship you will need to go one step ahead. Use the soft way to ask about the work they have to do. Use terms like “I would like to know” “ I am interested in the status of the work” Do not ask about the work like you are giving orders. Be practical looking for the information you need in a friendly way, like you all are a team that must do it all as a common job.

Good Examples of Expressed Interest

  • It is Mikes project that you were assigned, my congratulations; I am sure that you will do a great job with it. How is it going?

  • I notice that you were handed the Smith’s project. Congratulations, you’ll do an excellent job. How’s it.

Bad Examples of Expressed Interest

  • Do you have the Jone’s plan under control?

  • Did you decide on the vendor for the Jones project?

Good examples are positive, showing that you are thinking that your coworker is capable of doing the job. Bad way examples are taking the position that the coworker is not capable of doing the job or at list not doing a good enough job.

Always be thankful and congratulate your people for a well-done job, and offer your help and sympathy in a modest way. Do not let your people feel like you think that you think that they are not capable of doing the job perfectly. Let your staff know that you will be happy to help if needed.

Let the Co-worker Think That the Idea Is His or Hers though it may be your idea

It sounds like a tricky way to influence your workplace. It is the key to success. People like their ideas to flourish and are afraid of other people ideas, so if your priority is to make some change in the workplace and not to take credit on something that will be done, use these tactics and convince your boss that he first made your idea and it is practically your boss idea.

6 Ways to Get Your Co-workers and Boss to Love Your Ideas

The advantage of making someone feel like he or she made a good recommendation or a good solution for a problem is making him happy by congratulating him or her for the new idea and having him or her committed to this idea on the execution level of it.

You win the accomplishing of your idea and the sympathy of a co-worker friend. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog