How to Encourage Positive, Needed Conflicts at The Organization part 1

How to Encourage Positive, Needed Conflicts at The Organization 


   By John Wolf

Organizations will look for Conflict avoidance by having an open eye on anything that can create a conflict or on any one of its members that tend to have too many conflicts at the workplace.

The second measure about conflicts is the resolution of it as fast as possible to avoid losing control of the excellent workplace atmosphere. A peaceful workplace is a cornerstone in healthy, thriving organizations. A workplace that is under massive conflict will not produce what it is expected.

Eight Sources of Conflict

Conflicts can be about secondary issues or even stupid things like where to have to coffee machine. The worse situation is when the conflict takes a personal character.

Avoiding conflicts may create problems when it is affecting the employees making them losing the freedom to have different opinions and fight for each side ideas. By worrying more about the peace at the workplace, we miss the opportunity of breaking through with a new solution. Meaningful, Needed Conflict at Work will make your workplace innovative and creative place where employees know that they can conflict with the right way to resolve problems and count on effective interpersonal relationships to rich the best decisions for the organization and still be friends on the workplace arena.

How the Best Leaders Resolve Workplace Conflicts

Most of the people will try to avoid conflicts at work. They see only the negative results of conflict. The Human Resources department and managers will see mediating conflicts as a time-consuming issue. Being this employee that brings conflicts to the workplace may cause you a problem if your boss is one of these people that avoid conflicts in any cost.

Reasons Why People Don’t like to Participate in an essential needed Work Conflict

People do not like to be involved in conflicts, it takes time and energy, and it may be that their boss will not agree with their position. Usually, they are nodding in unison after that they heard the boss telling them about some new roles at work even if they think that it will not work in reality. Say yes and no more hassle, life seem to be easy this way. While opposing the boss or a co-worker will need to have some clear arguments and a new solution to replace the one you have a dispute.Many people do not know how to participate positively in a critical work conflict.

A poorly managed conflict can end with people that get hurt.

When people participants in a conflict they may feel under personal attack. Co-workers work together day after day for years, sometimes they know each other family and have a social life out of work, so they are worried that this relation may suffer and they will lose their friends.

Why Appropriate Work Conflict Is Important

A conflict in the organization can have positive results in favor of renovation and problem solution. People can have a different opinion on the same problem or different way to resolve the same issue. The organization needs to have the best resolution for its future no matter if it will need conflict between two sides, each side can have its lobby presenting one idea and trying to convince the board that one solution is better then the other. An organization is healthier when it lets conflicts to go on in a respectful way listening to both sides allegations in favor of their solution for a problem. Handling the disagreement in the right way make people study more options and more different effects on the productivity of the company, and end with much better decisions.

Causes of Organizational Conflict

Peter Block quotes: “If you expect that someone in a bureaucratic environment is going to empower you, you have put your hopes in a wrong place.”

Politics are needed where two people or more are trying to organize any activity. People have different ways of thinking, creating new things or resolving problems.

When we lead an organization, we need to accomplish all the activities for the achievement of the goals that this organization planned to rich.

Any organization leader that want to achieve the goals needs to have the will and the traits and skills for managing meaningful conflict at the workplace. Without the will and capacity, he will never accomplish the goals ending in tragic failure.

Your traits are coming with you to the job, not like skills that you can learn and train yourself for the moment you will need it I hope that you will enjoy the following tips.

Tips for Participating in Healthy Work Conflict

A leader can inspire a tradition of healthy conflicts in the workplace. Meaningful conflict option will need a work environment that accepts and promote discussion about, how or what to do or how to resolve different issues or problems in the organization. It would help if you had you to be willing to oppose any idea or decision that they think will bring negative results.

There is an old Spanish saying that comes from the slavery time. “Tie the horse where its master order you do not matter if the horse dies of it.” At that time it was better to obey your master with no question, avoiding conflict with the master that could cost the salves life.

Organizational conflict

As the leader you have to emphasize what your employees have in common, it will help them to listen to the different ideas and overcome the natural behavior to focus on the differences between each other rather than the shared beliefs and goals they have.

When the company and its workforce have their goals aligned work conflicts can be resolved healthily.

A good team leader will ask his staff’s opinion before he starts to present his solution. After hearing the people, he will offer his idea and ask the people to tell him of any disagreement they can have. By doing it this way any conflict that can exist has a quiet start as healthy discussion.

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