How to Encourage Reward, Positive, Needed Conflicts at The Organization part 2

How to  Reward, a Positive Needed Conflicts at The Organization


   By John Wolf

Opposing your group is not easy, standing alone with different ideas can be hard on the individual that took the role of bringing original solutions for the group’s problems. It may cost this person being socially isolated or rich the level of bullying. A good leader needs to support and reward those employees that disagree with the group. A bonus system is a necessary reward the group member that took the courage to pursue the best idea for the organization.

Those extra-ordinary individuals speak up proposing different ideas facing pressure from their colleagues that do not agree with their opposition. They lobbied passionately for their opinions or beliefs when the final decision was made they will support it with the same passion as they did defend their finally not accepted idea.

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If you experience some discord in your workplace, examine the actions you are talking about opposing ideas. You may block your staff from fighting your idea with new original solutions through indirect action, transmitting conservative feelings even without speaking directly against innovation. Nonverbal Communication With Workplace Interactions

Humans can talk openly to pass a message by body language even a look or the tone of the talk. You may have an unconscious bias against people that oppose your ideas and send your feeling by non-verbally or by explicit words that you do not like fighting and disagreed — seating in a hot seat the employees that do express different opinions or do not let them the space to make mistakes and fail with their suggested solution.

You should look inside your personality, look for a trusted friend or adviser and hear if it is you that inadvertently make your team avoid presenting new ideas that are not in accord with your line of thinking and solution.

6 Strategies to Resolve Conflict at Work

A professional discussion will be complete only if the right information data and facts support it. A different opinion is encouraged but respected if they are based on useful information that proves that it is a serious option and not just an opinion that someone maybe has in the dreams.

Establishing the models for work-conflicts in your organization is an essential step to take for your organization.

A conflict resolving needs a frame of rules to be a healthy process that makes the new idea into new solutions and breakthrough innovation. No personal attacks are permitted.

Any group that needs to resolve a problem or a conflict will be doing much better with an established group norm.

These are the relationship guidelines, or rules group members agree to follow.

The central norms must be that all members will speak honestly and similar opinion are, and all people can participate. No personal attacks and healthy debate on ideas and options will be encouraged.

Training can make your work-place a much better place for debating problems and conflicts. People may feel that they do not know how to present their ideas. A training program will teach interpersonal communication, conflict, and problem-solving. Non-defensive conversation, management, and employees communications and freedom of talk exercise.

Stories of workplace conflicts and survival advice

Look for signs that show conflict is getting out of hand about solutions.

Keep your eyes and heart open to any unhealthy tension between your staff. Listen to co-workers criticism of another staff member. Look at the number and severity of fights and negative talk about the solution you process. Watch increasing secret meeting of a part of your employees.

The thing can rich the infestation of all email system with nasty stuff fighting between the parties of the conflict in the process.

The tension can endanger the harmony of your organization, once you see that it is occurring call for an immediate meeting of the combatants.

Do not let this situation without instant reaction, and it can destroy the productivity of your company.

Direct your HR staff to hire people that have the willingness to resolve the problem and will have no issues to struggle for their cause.

Behavioral interview question can assess you about the assertiveness of the possible recruits

To avoid future problems hire that applicant that show their courage to be unpopular for there opinions while they know they have a better problem-solving idea.

Hunt for the potential employee that had lived the situations in which he stood up for his idea, and worked with a team in harmony resolving the problem, a history of pushing unpopular agenda at his past job. A harmonious workplace is essential but not at the sacrifice of the whole business.

Workplace Conflict: One Woman’s Story

When you plan an executive compensation make it depending on the success of the whole organization not only on the person or a group of your workforce. Aligning the interests of one department with all the departments. All your workforce need to work for the success of the entire organization.

This way you ensure that your people will be committed to focus on the organization’s goals that benefit the main direction and not leaving the mainstream to the personal goals.

The big team concept will concentrate the effort on working instead of finger-pointing, exchanging blames and looking who is guilty when things went wrong with one of the solutions.

When you see that no work conflict is occurring in your organization call the managers that report you directly and talk with them asking what they think can be done to make the employees open to work conflicts.

If you are using all of the first nine tips, and healthy work conflict is not occurring. You need to sit down with the people who report to you directly and with their direct reporting staff and ask them why.

A positive, discussion on problem-solving could allow your staff to find and rectify the reason to the lack of positive and open, healthy, and constructive work conflicts.

There is no doubt that the future of any organization need this fertilization that the positive kind of workplace conflict can produce.

Being conservative can bring a disastrous end to any business big or small, we know what happened to the big and robust organization like Kodak, Nokia and Blackberry the lack of reaction to changes in their industry, being conservative made those companies lose the position in the market. A leader must be open to any new idea and let it go through the process of a work conflict. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog