How to find a good Pay stub Generator

Presented by      By John Wolf and Tom Cullen CPA

Finding a good paystub generator is an essential part of payroll processing.

You manage a small business and cant hire a payroll preparing company, and you manually process the company’s payroll. 


Taking care of the payroll means understanding your state’s laws. The first step will be finding your employer identification number. You will have to calculate employee hours and handling deductions correct percentage for state and federal taxes. You will need to know the Social service and the health insurance deductions.

 It’s also essential that you provide pay stubs to your employees and keep the records for yourself. 

 Your employees will be able to track important financial information, know the taxes paid, and keep payroll records.

Manually generating pay stubs will be time-consuming, especially if you have many employees. Pay stubs are the backup part of payroll, so it’s essential to develop a system to churn them out quickly. You will be losing a lot of time calculating the pay stubs. Running payroll yourself defeats the advantage of running an agile small business – unfocusing on business management or pushing sales. Being busy with administrative work is not productive.

Luckily, there are many good options for online pay stub creators. There are free versions where you can easily input your company data and get a usable, respectable pay stub. But you will need to make all the calculations by yourself. 

You can find some paid sites where you can get a paystub for a few dollars per month for small monthly payments, and you can get quality pay stubs with some extra features. 

The right solution for you may be to pay per unit $8.99 ( It will take only some minutes to input your employee name, working hours, and rate per hour or salary. Our software will calculate all the deductions as the low says and keep Year To Date deductions (YTD).  

For self-employed, contractors, and small businesses, the way to go is generating the paystubs on a website that gives the best solution and liberates the owner or manager from the calculation. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog    Pays tub online       About pay stubs

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