How to generate a pay-stub for 2023

Calculating your withholding

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Pay Stub Generation

A pay stub is a record that details the payment received for a specific pay period, as well as any deductions for Social Security, health insurance, state, and federal income tax. You may receive it along with your paycheck or access it online through your employer’s website if you use direct deposit.




Pay stubs importance

Payroll tax 2023

Why  Employees need access to their pay stubs to ensure accurate tax reporting during the tax year. Although federal law does not mandate employers to provide pay stubs, many states require them for payroll.   l. WHAT ARE THE TAXES ON YOUR PAY STUB

 New York requires employers to issue specific pay stubs to the employees, either electronically or fiscally. 

  •  California requires employers to facilitate that employees receive electronic pay stubs to print them easily.
  • Opt-out states require the employee’s permission to change how employees view their pay stubs. The employee’s call will be above the employer’s.
  • Opt-in state’s requirement is that employers offer paper pay stubs unless an employee asks to get their pay stubs electronically. Paystubs can differ depending on the state’s employment law and the industry requirement. New York 
Cafe employees
The Cafe employees

Servers Tip

Servers in the restaurant industry may receive tips and wages added to their pay. Other industries may offer “allowances” or “credits.” Your paystub should include the following items:


  • Employee details
  • Dates covered
  • Gross wages
  • Net wages
  • Hours worked
  • Rates paid

For hourly employees, the payment is based on the number of hours worked multiplied by the hourly rate. For those on salary, income is calculated weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

If the payment basis is yearly, it should be divided into twelve months, and a monthly pay stub should be issued.

Contractors will not have any deductions on their pay stubs and will be responsible for managing their taxes independently.

Employees in their office

About Deductions

Deductions are the amounts taken out of the gross wages. Deductions include state and federal taxes, and contributions to benefits like health insurance and social security.

IRS provides tax inflation adjustments for the tax year 2023

Payroll benefits


Your paystub displays the calculation and breakdown of income taxes, FICA taxes, Medicare, and Social Security contributions.

A critical issue for small or one-person companies is ensuring that the employer transfers the respective authorities. All ends on a correct W-4. 


Employer contributions are considered taxable income and must be included when paying taxes. The employer’s contributions to a 401K should also be calculated as taxable income and accounted for accordingly.

Contributions for an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) or a pension plan can be made. 

Net payThe net pay is the amount of money that remains after all the deductions are made. It will be shown on the pay stub and the paycheck or direct deposit.