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   By John Wolf 

You worked in a new job for a week or two and got your first paycheck with the related pay stub related to your pay period. It can be a weekly or payroll or a biweekly pay period. You see on the pay stub that there are some numbers with tiles like a current total witch is the result of you worked hours and the rate per hour that you are entitled by your contract to be paid. Your paycheck has a lower amount. The reasons are the taxes and other withholdings that your employer paid for you.

You have no clue about the way these withholdings are calculated. You may think that you should try to pay fewer taxes and withholding. The is a question raising here. How can I preview my net income? 

It is easy to do with You need to click Here and input any gross salary hourly rate and pay period you want. You will see how automatically the totals will be changing according to the input you present of the electronic form.      

Income Tax Withholdings


You can see that the most significant amount is the federal income tax, and the second one is social security.


FICA – Medicare $17.40 $313.20
FICA – Social Security $74.40 $1,339.20
Federal Tax $144.00 $2,592.00
State Tax $48.00 $864.00

Federal and state tax is collected from every paycheck, through all year payrolls. In this way, it is easier for the taxpayer and creates a flow of cash for the local and federal governments.

The tax percentage depends on your W-4 form filing status.   There are five filing statuses;  Being a  single, having married and filing jointly, married filing separately head of household, and qualified widow.

If you end a year with a refund of all your withholding on the tax, you can be exempt of pay tax in the current year. You have to be careful with being exempt for more years if you start making more money you better start withholding and avoid accumulating debt to the IRS, it may cost you more on penalties.    

Federal Income Tax 

 The federal tax is the money the government needs to run the country, protect it with the military build infrastructure.   How to know your bracket

Your W-4 will build the rate of tax that you are going to pay.  Your filing status and tax bracket will make your tax rate. The more you earn, the higher your tax rate will be.                           

Tax Rates and Brackets

Brackets are built on the principle that the more people earn, the higher is the tax they will pay. 

2018-2019 Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates

  The total gross income and the filing status you got will make you tax rate and deduction that in the end will show you your net income ant the withholdings that you will see on your pay stub. Filing status; There are 28 tax rates and seven federal income tax brackets to this we can add the four filing statuses. So seven times, 4 are 28 tax rates. 

State Income Tax 

State tax is built in the same way as federal taxes  And serves the state government as its source of income for the budget that covers the education like K-12 the building of public places like libraries and transportation for the local road system and trains.  Some states do not collect taxes, and others receive less than others. State income tax can be lower than the others. 

FICA Withholding

FICA taxes are those taxes that you pay for your health insurance a social security, this money is for the government to pay you health and when you will get old your pension. You spend part of this taxes, and the employer pays the other part. You will pay half 6.2% each.

Once you reach $132,900 for 2019 as the total earning per year, you will not pay the 6.2% of the dollar you earn above $132,900. At this level of income, you will not pay more than $8,239.8 per year.  ***


Medicare has no limit, whatever salary you will have your employer will keep withholding a 1.45%  Those who earn 200,000 as a single filer or $250,000 jointly will pay extra 0.9%.

A self-employed, you will have to pay for yourself the self-employment tax which is 15.3%    Thing can be different when you file your taxes you can deduct the half of the FICA taxes so you will end paying the 6.2% band the 1.45% as an employee. 

Additional Deductions

 Your employer can make other deduction if the employer pays for you a sponsored, health insurance,   pre-tax contributions you prepare for retirement, health saving plans, or dependent care assistance. A Roth 401(k) can be withheld too.   

A deduction can be made for the city and local income taxes.

How to Calculate Net Income?

   The net income is what you take home from your salary after paying all the taxes, withholding, and other payroll deductions. This important to know when you are offered a new wage. You will need a tool for doing in in a minute. If you will be provided a weekly salary of $1000 how much of it you are going to take home? On our website, we have an electronic form that can make your pay stubs in a minute, or you can use it with no cost to see what is the net income of any amount for a pay period you what.

Now you got an idea about withholdings and taxes of a paycheck you can watch this video  You will find it easy to input the rate and the pay period type, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.   

About us:

At Pay Stub Makr, we all come to work every day because we want to give you control over your pay stub, which gives you control of your money. Everyone is guessing about all of those deductions. Employees don’t know what should be deducted and employers don’t always deduct the right things. Throughout the history of business, people get paid with pay stubs, so let’s take a minute, run our own pay stubs and take control of our own payroll decisions.

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