How to let Your Employees Grow Empowered

The Power of Empowerment, Can  You Empower Your Employees

Letting the People Enough Space to Work Will Bring Success and Happiness.


   By John Wolf               

Definition and Examples

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You may have heard about empowerment in the workplace. It is a very trendy topic these days. Do you know what it means? Are you interested in doing something about empowering yourself or your employees? In this article, we will review the ways to implement empowerment in your workforce.

Empowerment means letting yourself or your employees the ability to think independently, take decisions to resolve problems, take action without asking permission on every step. An empowered person will not run to his or her boss for every small problem but resolve it first by himself or by the team itself. An empowered team will have the feeling that they can dare to resolve issues with no fear that if failing it will affect their status negatively at the organization.

The empowered employee will have the feeling of control of the work environment and be permitted to decide on the area of responsibility of his or her job.

Empowerment is something you or your reporting employees has or has not. It is not something that one person does to the other one. Empowering your workforce means letting them be themselves with no fear of the management criticism when a thing goes wrong. By bestowing empowerment, you create an environment where people do take the risk by resolving on their own the job issues they face on the day to day work.

Empowered reporting staff will take action – not waiting for permission. The management does not have to permit the workers to be empowered; management needs only to let the people feel that they can take action when it is required. Workforce Empowerment: The Guiding Force Of Winning Digital Strategies

How to Think of Empowerment

Empowerment comes first from the individual himself. It is like a trait that one was born with it. An empowered employee will start acting as empowered from day one at work. Taking action with no fear resolving the problem before calling for the boss for help.

If you want to develop in your workforce the feeling that they can take one step more without your close watch or in one word empower your staff you need to accept their errors and help them out when they fail and let them feel when they had a success using their courage.

An organization has to create a positive environment towards empowered action.

Looking for a newly hired workforce that has this trait of being empowered will help your business to grow and improve the result regarding more customers and more money, productivity and effectiveness will improve too.

Creating a working place that is positive to the nature of its employees to take action when it is the right moment will result in a much happier workforce, retaining the best people in their jobs. The workforce will become more responsible and accountable when they have this level of independence that let them have self-direction as a norm.

Participative management and employee involvement do not mean empowerment. Participation is not taking action by ones initiative like the empowered action is.


This is empowerment in life.

An HR manager found that it takes weeks before his team finds a new employee to fill the needed new staff, asking is team why it takes so many days to finish the recruiting process, the answer was that they need his signature on every document related to the hiring of a new employee. As the HR manager was too busy to sign the papers, they were filling his desk waiting for a not so needed signature.

The empowering action was effortless stopping the need of the boss’s signature unless it is a special case or an executive hired. Empowered employees are there for you, do not block the empowerment by your not needed intervention.

Bob was thinking of his career with the job he is having now and went to talk with his supervisor about it. He told the supervisor that if there are no opportunities for him in this company, he will move on to look for a new job in another company.

Linda was looking at how to take charge of her career, she got a meeting with her boss and present him her career plan asking for her assistance to achieve the plan. Both set a performance-development-plan to go with it

Trust in the workplace will be the basis for empowerment, you need to trust your people that they will take the right steps when they have to do something without your close supervision. You have to show the trust towards your people so they will feel free to empower themselves and do what is needed to do with enough courage and independence.

A place that let the people feel empowered is a place that grows and let grow every one of its members or participants.

An empowered person will be a happy worker too.

This one step more that people take in their work is the step into creativity, innovation or just a better job done in less time. The benefits are for the two sides.

Blocking the people from being empowered will keep the people unhappy because of the loss of the satisfaction of doing something by themselves.  

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