How to make the pay stub that actually will work for you


   By John Wolf  

What Is a Pay Stub

What is a pay stub? And for what we need to have pay stubs for the payment we get as our salary or pay for contractor-s work?

A pay stub is an earning statement or proof of the income gained as salary. It has the employer’s name and address and the employee’s name, SSN, and address.  

The total hours worked at the pay period reported on this pay stub, and the rate paid per hour. Out of this income, we pay the related State and federal taxes. Social Security and health insurance are deducted too. In the case of an independent contractor, there are no deductions, as this kind of worker pays their tax by a personal tax return.   There is a legal base for the pay stubs obligation. Employee rights:

  • To be informed in writing of all DEDUCTIONS (not otherwise required by law) that will be made from the worker’s paycheck

  • To receive an itemized, written STATEMENT OF EARNINGS (pay stub) for each pay period

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Who needs to Issue a Pay Stub?

The employer could issue a pay stub to the employees of his or her business — a self-employed. The Gig industry workers, freelancers, and any other kind of independent workers will have to create their pay stubs by themselves.

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Whether you are a small business employer or an independent employee, you will need some knowledge in accounting and taxation to be able to create your pay stub. The federal and state tax rates, according to your marital status and gross salary as well as the FICA – Medicare and the FICA – Social Security.

Do not worry about all this accounting knowledge and skills that are needed to create your pay stub. Fortunately, we are living in the technological era, a lot of advances in administrative and operational data processing areas. Today’s paperless world permits us to make the payments online, and the same with a pay stub that can be made online too.

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The big corporations have accounting software that does all the accounting for the company. Including the payroll list, the electronic payment of the salary, the pay stubs sent by email to the employee’s inboxes, or download by the employees from the employer’s website.

Small businesses are an essential part of the United States economy. 

The SBA, U.S Small business Administration Stats:

The United States’s 2018 Small Business Profile shows that small businesses added 1.9 million net new jobs during the latest year studied. There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, which employ 47.5 percent of the state’s private workforce.

The 30.2 million small businesses owners are self employees or having just a few employees. According to “Small Business Trends,” an award-winning hub that serves more than two million entrepreneurs. The average American business is a small business

Dinner is a small business

One-person small business, or one with only a few employees, would have his owner very busy. Doing all the jobs by himself or herself — preparing the payroll, including its taxes. Health insurance and social security will be a significant burden for the small business owner or manager. A barbershop owner, a garage owner that needs to leave the hairdressing or a complicate gearbox repair and take care of the paperwork that is necessary for the payroll.

The best way for small business, Gig industry people and freelancer working people will be to use the online  Paystub Generator.


A workshop  can be a small business

Why do You Need a Pay Stub as an Employee

  1. Renting a place to live
  2. Car Loan
  3. Small loans
  4. To obtain a credit card
  5. Earning proof for insurance
  6. keep the record for any dispute with your employer’s
  7. Keep a record for tax return if you have more income sources.
  8. If you have child care, the pay stub will show that you had paid you obligation.

Why do You Need a Pay Stub as an Employer

  1. Accomplish your legal obligation to the employee
  2. Have the proof for any disputes with the employee
  3. Keep a record for your accounting for gain and loss calculation

Keep the withheld total for paying it to the IRS, and state and the health and social security.

Need a pay stub? A laptop and the Internet is all that you need

Why is an Online Pay Stub Generator Useful?

Laptops and smartphones with connection to the Internet are everywhere. Almost everyone knows how to use them; they are a handy and low-cost way to make the pay stubs you need.

All that you have to do is go online to the right website that furnishes the service of pay stubs making 24/7 for a reasonable price. It will take you a few minutes to input your information. Then pay with your credit or debit card, and check your email inbox for a pdf file of the paystubs you made yourself.

The price is only $8.99
Your pay stub for only $8.99

A short video on how to create your pay stub 

Bellow is the form you need to input your information

Table of information for input

Make sure that all the information is correct!

After filing your information, you will see a draft like this.

Where can I generate my pay stub? is the best online platforms where you can create the pay stub of your last pay period in just five minutes.  You will have to input your Information, pay, and download the pay stub from your email inbox. You will receive a pdf file where all your gross and net income and the withholdings are ready to be printed.  

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How Important for an Employee is Keeping Pay Stubs?

You should insist on receiving a pay stub for your salary or pay for a contractor’s job. It is essential to archive the pay stubs you receive each pay period.

It is proof of your income as an employee or independent contractor for the person or company that hired and paid you. You may have or not a working contract. The pay stub is a proof that you had a de facto agreement. 

Your archived pay stub will be the document that will prove that you are on the payroll schedule. The total dollars of your salary, fringe benefits, tax deduction, worked hours, and any other amount related to your gross income and the net payment. 

 It is essential to keep a record of your copies of payroll document you had received while working for your employer. You should review your pay stubs once you are paid and delivered the pay stub, make sure there are no mistakes and then keep them in a safe place.

Keep your hard copies or digital files of your pay stubs for as you do not need them anymore. For the IRS you can use the IRS guide How long should I keep records? You will need the pay stubs for the W-2 for the tax return of the ending year. 

Safety box for your pay stubs

How Important for an Employer is Keeping Pay Stubs?

As an employer, you have to keep all the payroll information and payroll document. You can keep those documents either as a digital or hard copy. You can read  Does an Employer Need to Keep a Pay Stub?

Employers and employee should have payroll and pay stubs documents and data in a secure place — hard documents under a lock and data with passwords to protect the computers and the saved files altogether. Names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, pay rates, benefits, and other financial data are privet information. According to the law internet privacy laws, you must protect your network from breaching and using this information. 

 As an employer, It is your responsibility towards the employees to guarantee that their data will be kept private and secure. As an employee, you have to protect your personal information. Pay stubs information must be kept confidential for the reasons you can read below. 


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The Reasons why pay stub must be secure

There are some ways to misuse privet data that can cause harmful effects to the employee whos information filtered to the hands of someone that have bad intentions.          

  • The employer must protect employees data from being filtered to unauthorized hands. Personal data, like the Social Security number, can be used for wholesale fraud or other illicit actions. Therefore your archives and network have to be locked and protected.      
  • Internal confidentiality is essential too. You can not let your employees know all the other employees’ salaries and benefits. You can pay some members of your workforce a different wage for the same job because you value more the work of the better-paid employees.   

How to keep up pay stub privacy

Below are ideas of what you can do to keep the private information out of the eyes of unauthorized people.

Lñimit access to all your financial information 

If you are preparing the payroll yourself, you need to have it all under lock and passwords and do not tell anyone private information. If you have a bookkeeper that manages payment and other financial information, make sure that he or she are keeping it all confidential.    

Keep the key in your hand.


  • About Passwords

Robust complicate passwords limit the possibility that somebody breaks into your data. Use Secure Password Generator to create passwords like this V4e{s<\QfJ/4%-q.m that are too hard to worth break for your information. Though you are going to have chosen unbreakable passwords, it will be useful to change them frequently. It will reduce the possibility that someone will copy the password and get into your data.


  • Never forget to Log off when you are done

Log out of your working software, and computer when you are leaving your workstation. And at the end of the day. By logging off, you avoid and breech to your information. When you are done using finance programs, 

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This article reviewed the pay stub topic. Starting with the definition that a pay stub is an earning statement. And continuing with employers that can create a pay stub for their employees, while self-employed can make a pay stub for themselves. Both can go to online and create the earning statement they need.

We could see that it is easy to go online and generate the pay stubs you need. The employee needs a pay stub for controlling is payments for the work done as an employee or self-employed and as a proof of is earning when credit is needed.

The employer needs to have the pay stubs as proof of the expenses that he had on the payroll.  The pay stub will be proof for taxes and any dispute.

We learned too that these days an online paystubs creator is easy to use by a smartphone or a computer.

To make it clear and avoid confusing, we reviewed the steps needed to be taken while creating the paystubs.

After we learned where to make it and how to make the pay stub, we read about keeping the payroll information confidential and secure as hard copy or data. The information on the pay stubs can be used to commit pay fraud and identity theft. Never leave this information unsecured. Safety box for the hard material and good passwords for the data on electronic devices are essential. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog      Paystub

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