How to See a Fake Pay Stubs 2021

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As a car dealer or a landlord, get the bad credits and scammers out of your way is an essential job. Good tenants or car buyers are necessary to your business. One important thing to ensure is proof of income, as no enough income will lead to unpaid rent or late payment of installments.
Asking for proof of income will be the first thing to do. The second thing will be to look if the evidence is an actual authentic document. We at provide a service of calculating the payroll taxes for small businesses and self-employed people. With the pandemic, the years 2020 and 2021, with the pandemia, made more people become online workers who need to keep records and pay taxes on their income. Unfortunately, the same situation with Covid-19 created some unemployment; we are finding more frauds with Credit Cards and wrong input with fake information about fake employers.

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How to detect a fake employee?

 An actual paystub will look the same for a real employee or a fake employee. The way to check on employment is to search for the employer’s online information. Starting with Google Maps will show you if the place of work exists if it has a phone or website.

Cross information by asking for:

 Bank statement

Some websites tell you to look on the paystub for mistakes in printing or calculating the taxes. It may lead you to make a mistake as we have professional software that does the same for the gig worker that work from home for his mini-company and a fraudulent fake employee. Asking for a bank statement is essential for you; it will show you that money comes to the person you want to credit.

Checking the complete addresses is essential. We are finding that customers that used credit cards fraud use to fill incomplete addresses to avoid localization of the fake employers.

Request a W-2 form 

As you can see, it is possible to generate a W-2, but it is a more complicated job and not free of charge.

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Don’t hesitate to call the employer.

Asking for the employer’s phone number and calling to confirm employment will be very helpful.

Your Credit Check!

 Don’t count on a credit check that you did not make by yourself. Use  to ensure that you have an actual credit report. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog    Pays tub online       About pay stubs

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