How to Win the Job Search Competition

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   By John Wolf 

Hiring employees can look like the roleta game in a Casino or taking a bunch of darts and throw it on the target board hoping to have some sticking target.

Hiring is like injecting blood into the business. An organization will not function without the workforce. We have to understand what makes us take the winner applicant, and not somebody else. The chosen applicant is the employee that does not fail in his or her job.

How to hire an employee

When the human resources manager is comparing candidates, he or she has to select between well-qualified candidates. Applicants that have the skills, education, and the necessary knowledge are called to the interview. How to get yourself into the chosen group of the best applicants and be the one?

Your Presentation About Your traits Must Put You in the Right Place

Your useful well targeted, customized CV, and cover letter will put you in the door. You can try a telephone screen call. It will allow you to gain attention and make the best impression on the employer’s view of you. Succeeding will get you scheduled to the desired interview.

We are hiring

You are having the employer assessing your fit for the job, the culture, and the strength of the team you may work together. Now you have all the chances to ruin your winning of the employment.

  •    Your look, the way you dress matters. It is what the HR manager see and notice first. Hair, makeup, jewelry, and accouterments send an instant message, about your personality. Make the best first impression you can. The presentation of yourself must be impeccable from your shoes to your hair. Anything that will be neglected will kill your opportunity to get the job.

Your Job Can Nail Or Fail According to Your Interaction At the Interview.   

  • You have to take special care of the preparation for the interview, prepare specific professional answers to potential questions. You better sound knowledgable. You want to sound talented, competent, and experienced.  You need to answer fluently about what you accomplished, contributed, and believe is essential. This something that you can appear as an outstanding candidate,
  • Some people say that “God is in the small details,” it may be true if, at the interview, you will have dirty fingernails or a faint stain on your shirt. You will end your candidacy, failing on this will show that you do not pay attention to details or you do not care about your care.
Looking on the CV
  • Keep your conversation relaxed, talk about workplace issues, and goals that you consider relevant to you. Ask about the culture of the organization to see if it is right for you. You do not want to be involved with a kind of culture that will be hard to adapt too. Remember that you have to to be happy working in the new place. Do not take a job that may cause you to go back to the search.

Hiring you employee video

Your Past Is There it Will Come Back to You

  • If you already had a job or more. There is a trail of your history that starts from the university through your pass workplaces. You have some people that were your colleagues. It is expected that the recruiting manager will make some inquiries about your behavior in the past. The investigation will include any professional associations or community activities. The employer’s HR will check your background, looking for the people that you add as a reference. What people say about you is crucial.


  •  The way you enjoy your life in the workplace is essential. If you would not get up in the morning happy, to go to work and enjoy passing the day with your co-workers, having bad relationships will be suffering from extra stress and unhappiness at your workplace. A workplace that has the same values as you matters for your happiness. Being one of the groups, living with integrity, playing well with your colleagues. Leaving friends in your last working place will help you when HR asks for information about you. Make sure that people will have only positive feedback on you.
  • One essential act is preparing the referenced people, and your former supervisor return calls quickly and professional to your prospective employer.  A smart HR manager will call them and ask many questions. One word can kill your opportunity to get this job.

4 Secrets To Hiring The Right People

  • One more thing employers do is go online searching on you. Google and social media will be searched for your information.  Give a lot of thinking about what you publish online. It can be something or some ideas of you that the HR does not like and your job will be dropped.

Every Interaction Matters Behave as if Your Life Depends on it.

The first phone call for the invitation to the interview, any interaction matters. One word, small detail, or the slightest mistake can make you lose the opportunity.

  • At the moment you opened the door or made the first call to the prospect workplace, you start building or destroying your image. The receptionist will begin building a personality image of your personality in the place. A statement like ” “I liked that candidate! He was so smart.” “Did you noticed how late he was, and he never cared to apologized?” “I didn’t like her at all.”


Face to face interview
  • If you are that lucky and became a favored candidate, you will have help from the HR that in charge of your hiring. The HR staff will give you feedback and information about the way things are going with the recruitment and the competition you have. You will have the advantage to be on the shortlist.

15 Quick Tips to Get Hired Fas

  • Having worm interaction and being a talented prospect for the job is critical to the employer that needs a new hire for business growth.  When the moment comes, you already have a relationship with the new employer. You would see how relevant are the links you have built from the first moment. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog      Paystub

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