How to Write an Employee Handbook, a Tutorial for Small Business. is presenting more about small business managing. This time it is the creation of an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook, is it necessary?

Small businesses have a character of a family they may see an employee handbook like too bureaucratic for a small operation. They may think that it is good for corporations not for themselves. Some small business owners may not know what is it so they may never think about a manual for their small team of employees, once the business starts to recruit larger numbers of employees it will be essential to create a handbook for the employees. tutorial is going to teach you how to write a handbook for your business. You will discover what an employee handbook is and what it contains for your small business.

We will look at some templates and samples of an employee handbook and help you to make one.

1. What Is an Employee Handbook?

Handbook or manual with the procedures or policies is the guide for your staff about what they can expect working in your business. It tells the staff about benefits, vacation time, and discipline to follow while working in the company. Employee Handbook Creator

  • An employee handbook is a place to introduce your company to your employees; you can show them the company’s values and the kind of workplace you have. More practical information will be, to whom the employees should contact when they have questions or worries about issues in the working place. It can be the place to communicate anything related to the company and its workers. Ahead we will review more option for using the handbooks.

  • You can be creative with the format to use for the manual; it can express your spirit, it is part of what you want to say to you people. It will give an idea about your company personality. You can go traditional or contemporary, use graphics or solid text. You should look at other companies handbooks before you make yours. It used to be a printed book; you can make it online too, it will be available for employees that are working out of the office or on a trip.

  • The number one purpose of the employee handbook is to put clear the expectation like the benefits and help they can expect from the company, also know the standards of job and behavior at work. The higher the clarity, the better.

  • When you are starting with two nor three employees, it is easy, you probably no their family up to grandmother or grandchildren, you can talk directly with them. You can be informal and have direct communication with your staff. Payroll policies and procedures

  • When you are going to have more employees it will be hard to do it on a personal level; it is the time to have clear documentation that will be accessible to all your workers you will need a written manual telling your people all that they need to know.

2. Reading this section, you will discover about the benefits of Having an Employee Handbook.

 Create Better Workplace Policies

Employee handbooks were created to have a document that everything that the staff needs to know about the job they have and the general information on the relationship between employer and employee. Once you put it all together, you can see something that worse changing from good to better. How To Be an Ethical, Fair and Lawful Manager of Employees (While Protecting Your Interests)

Attendance policies became more flexible in the 21st century; You can take the moment of writing the manual to review the situation with your employees.

  • Help New Employees Get Up to Speed

Employee quantity can grow, or some old one can go, and a new worker comes in. All the newcomers need an adaptation process. A handy manual will make it easier to catch up. Instead of asking questions that may be a problem for a newcomer, they can read about the issues they encounter at work. A well-written manual will be a saver for the new employees.

  • Avoid Policies issues of Becoming a Constant Questions creator

Having no manual will create a lot of questions from the employees to the managers by new and old employees. Sometimes it is much more convenient to read about issues that the employee need to be discrete on it, like the conflict of interests or having the second job at the same time. Beyond Your First Employee: How to Plan for and Manage a Growing Small Business Staff

Put it all in one place

On paper, you need one only book for the manual, and online too one only link with the complete employee handbook in it. Do not let your staff to much hassle to find and read the manual. To much hassle can be irritating to your staff; It is not supposed to be a treasure hunting game.

The employee handbook is a good place to tell the company’s story and get your staff to identify with the company values. Put in writing why you started the business what your goals are and how you see the social responsibility. Those are very important topics for the employee’s motivation and energy while working with you on the firm values.

Employee handbook put thing clear for the owner and his employees; you need to cover all aspects in the most explicit way. Clear regulation and clear expectation will save you from having Labor issues with your employees. In the case of firing one of your workers because of poor attendance or harassing one of his colleagues yo have to avoid the fired person from going to courts and say that your instruction was not clear enough. So make it all clear at the beginning of any employment you need to deliver the manual officially, get the signature of the new worker as he received the employee-hand bock.

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