PAYSTUBMAKR.COM present the article. How to Create a world of Diversity and Inclusion for your company 

5. Join Your Employees

Your most party on the trip to diversity and inclusion in your business are your employees. You need them all joined on this project.

Your campaign toward a diverse working place has to include your present employees. You have to communicate them about the benefits that a diversity of employees bring to your company and its employees. Your employees have to feel that diversity is made in a fair way. You can use some of the researches we mentioned in early articles. Another way can be more strict, communicate to your staff how essential is the diversity as the company’s values.

Good communication between you and your employees is essential in all aspects; diversity is one important topic to keep being communicating with your employees is essential to listen to your staff about their concerns about the way the diversification of workforce is done. You will learn a lot about what is going on between the different groups that are working for you.

Training can help your workforce to understand the fusion that is made by the diversity in the workplace. Some online resources can help you with training your people. Training your employees one more thing to do is Test Yourself for Hidden Bias

Training can give fascinating fruits. You can add more training for the day to day biases that can happen in your workplace.

6. Share the Benefits

By sharing the benefit I mean, do all of your employees are equally paid or share the benefits like health insurance? Do you give parental leave, childcare support or flexibility to the same-sex parents as to the regular parents?

Reading again the article Read about the Different Dimensions of Employees Diversity. You can reassess the list of benefits and adapt it to the diversity project that you manage for your business. Define the benefits for the different type of employees. Here is where communication can make it clear for you and your people. Get help from some online surveys.

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7. Accommodate Everyone’s Needs

Learn what the individual needs of each dimension that you are going to start with your diversity project are. The people with disabilities will need a desk that can be used with wheelchair, access ramp to the office and restrooms for wheelchair users.

For the different religion diversity, you may need a special prayer room and free days for the holidays. Language training for immigrants that will teach not only the formal language but the local slang and urban style of talking. Make it comfortable for the Wide spectrum of employees you want to have.

8. Welcome Difference

Diversity is more than having some people from the different sources and make the stats only. To gain the benefit of having a diverse workforce it is not enough to open the doors of your business, and you need to open your hears and heart too. We are talking about a new way of thinking.

The differences within your team can create conflicts. Your role is to rethink and find the way to achieve a true inclusion.

Harvard business school found in a study of 450 U.S. bank branches that there are three different views on diversity:

  1. Discrimination and fairness point of view. The group aspires to be color blind, conversations around race are limited.

  2. Access and legitimacy point of view. Diversity is limited for part of the organization. The use of “This is what you are good at”and so the people have left aside of promotion.

  3. Integration and learning point of view. Encouraging group members to present all relevant point of view to the business.

The third point of view was the only one that led to success. The other two views were feeling bad. The difference with the third group was that they opened discussions and learned to form them.

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Plans or ideas, and points of view are all the descriptive terms of achieving an original openness to struggle with hard conversations with your employees that have the same traits of being open to discussion and make the needed changes.

9. Measure and Monitor

To what are the results of your action you need to monitor and save the information for future analysis.

You can get help from the Society of Human Resource useful sample diversity survey.

You can use this generic questions to your needs, add some question as you wish or contract a consultant to take care of the information that you produce when you take the steps of your diversity project.

A broader approach will bring you the information from other companies to compare with your result.

You can use any other way and metric. It is essential to see how many new employees are coming from groups of your community that are new for your company and for how long they stay working having a great time in your business and how your business is doing compared to the time before you started with your diversity project.

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Reading this article, you have learned how to build a culture of inclusion and diversity in your workplace. Making diversity and inclusion work is a long journey of commitment. Material and spiritual effort by yourself and your team with some funds will do what is needed. diverse team thanks you for reading this article.