It is Easy to Destroy The Trust With Your Employees

It is Easy to Destroy The Trust With Your Employees

These Top 5 Trust Busters Will Destroy the Trust You Want to Build at Work


   By John Wolf

Trust is the first thing to hold a group of people in a relationship. It may be a business organization, a sports team, a political party or a hunting expedition of humans before the agriculture era stated ten thousand years ago. Starting from a team of two for any mission trust between the team members is the base for success.

Trust is a strong bond between your employees themselves and between your customer and your service persons.

As strong is the trust in your organization and between your customers and your product or service, it is the most fragile aspect of relationships.

One lie, a promise that was not fulfilled and the trust you built in your organization are broken. Your workforce will never forgive your mistake or your senior executive mistake. IT will be hard to recover the loss of trust. If it was one of the senior managers that failed to your staff you better fire this manager to show that it is him and not you, this way you may recover the trust or at list have some damage control on the trust.

An example, a senior manager in a small factory failed to inform the employees about difficulties with the finance of the company because of low orders. When there was no other way to save the company, but layoff and the closing of one department were announced, the shock was big.

The rest of the employees lost the trust in the company’s future and started looking for a new job in solid business. The damage in losing there trained employees was added to the financial problems, and the company starts to fail in production, orders were delivered to late, so fewer orders came in, customers flew to other suppliers. Unfortunately, the company had to close the doors.

What Is Trust?

Dr. Duane C. Tway, Jr. says that trust is the “state of readiness for unguarded interaction with someone or something.” Managerial trust in Wikipedia

Trusting means that your life long experience taught and build in you the willingness to take the risk of trusting others. You believe in trust, you experienced it and knew that it is possible to trust people.

  • The perception of competence is built of your ability and the ability of your teammates to perform successfully what is needed for accomplishing the goals of your group.

  • When your perception of your team relationship is that the activity while doing your common job is motivated by mutual serving and not by self-serving motives. One has to feel trusted and trust the others to be able to work as a team.

Trust is hard to build and a fragile status to maintain, it can break within a second, and will take years if it can be recovered

5 Ways to Destroy Trust

Trust need a certain condition to keep being maintained between your workforce, trust can maintain itself without transparency of the invention, direct communication and activity like problem-solving first of senior leaders and managers and later of the rest of the workforce. We can talk about five main reasons for losing trust in the workplace:

  1. When the truth is replaced with lies, it is impossible to maintain trust. A lie is a lie if your people do not know the truth they will fail or every never try to use the information for decision making or problem-solving. It will be impossible to retain your employee when they do not know the truth about their future in the company. There is no way to make people trust you if you do not tell the whole truth. People will distance from you and your career will go down the drain. The lie is like oil on water is an old saying, there is not a lie that will hold water, it will be discovered soon by your staff or by yourself it is vice versa, and your employee is telling a lie.

    2. A leader that lost the trust of his led will fail in making them work with all their power and dedication.

Dr. Duane C. Tway, Jr. says that trust is the “state of readiness for unguarded interaction with someone or something.”

  1. The lie by omission: A lie of omission is made by not telling some part of the information. It is not telling all the truth. By omitting important details, the lair creates false information that will make harder to find the solution for a problem or will mislead the employees about the situation that they should know and make them take the wrong decisions. An individual that lie in this way will soon find himself with no job or will stay with no promotion.

3. Fail to Walk the talk: If you do not do your self what you order your people, you will lose trust. Leadership is one way of trust; people will see the leader as an example and follow him trusting his honesty and capacity.

If you promise your people anything like employee empowerment or participation in management do not fail in forgetting about it. You gave your word you do it. Otherwise, you will break your leadership and lose your power. Your customers are your lifeline do not call them Jerks or claim that they are wrong.

The glue that holds all relationships together (including the relationship between the leader and the led) is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” — Brian Tracy

4. A leader can not make statements without being sure that he will accomplish. You can try to predict things like, sales will grow in ten percent or new employees will join the company that can become a reality or not, your staff can understand it. But when you set an actual expectation like promising one more receptionist to help the one you have now and never remember to do it you appear as a lair. Anything that you promise and it is in your hand to do it or not, you must do it exactly as you said. Honest communication is the base for trust-building with employees and co-workers.  Five Simple Tips For Building Trust As A Leader

5. Haphazard surprising changes with no advising it on time will make your people losing the trust towards the management. Unless it is coming from out of the organization, like changes made by the government you should keep your workforce informed on the changes you are going to implement.

When you have to make, changes take care of the way your staff is informed and make sure they understand why you have to do it.

Stop Managing Start Leading

Be a leader that keep his people informed with accurate information, keep his words and walk the talk. Make your staff be the same; no lies workplace will be winning organization. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog