John  L. Wolf

John  Wolf

A retiree after a lifetime in agriculture production as a farmer and consultant. I was raised in Israel as a farm-boy. At my childhood, we had some cows and chickens at the backyard and Jaffa oranges in the fields.
After serving the Army as an Infantry sergeant and participating in the 1967 six days war. I started my adult life, becoming a greenhouse crops expert, growing flowers, and vegetables for export to Europe.
Staring at 1986, I built greenhouse flower and vegetable farms in the Dominican Republic.

At 1992 Introduced to the Dominican Republic the colored peppers grown in greenhouses These days it is the Dominican Republic main greenhouses crop that is shipped to the USA.
By teaching the Dominicans to grow peppers, I learned to speak, read, and write Spanish.
By the year 2009, I changed my business to import from China reached a million dollar sale a year.
At 2000 to 2004, I was consulting the Dominican Ministry of agriculture greenhouse project that changed the lives of many small farmers.
As a retiree since 2015, At 2017, I found that I can use my vast managing experience of small and medium businesses.
Writing the blog of enjoys me a lot. It is a place to apply the old man life experience.

Most of my writing is for small business people, starting form applicants for a new job and ending with the owners and managers that can use good advice or guidance about “how to” of many aspects related to the workplace, and workforce. Self-employees and Gig jobs can enjoy my blog too.