Learn About Penalty For Fake Pay Stubs

Is There Are Penalties For Fake Pay Stubs?


   By John Wolf

Since the tax was invented evading it was invented too. Pay stubs are part of the taxation system, so it has the way to do illegal and fake pay stubs and use them for any fraudulent actions. Some times the pay stubs are not done, and the with-holdings are not made and sent to the IRS or Social Security accounts.

Why Are Fake Pay Stubs Illegal?

As an illegal action, there is the risk of a harsh penalty. I may be hard for low-income people to bear fines imposed by the authorities. In this article, we will review the topic of pay stubs fraud and the reason people try to get away with it.

Reasons Why Make a Fake Pay Stub

The most common reason for making a fake pay stub is the industry of loan making, mostly car loan, and home loans. Lenders ask for proof of income and the amount of it before they are willing to give someone a loan. It is important to see if the person that is asking for a loan is capable of paying it back, the credit and the monthly income should be affordable to the people that are asking for a loan. When it is a real pay stub, it is easy to know how big the loan can be without too much risk of a non-completion of the payback.

The worst scenario will be when an unemployed person makes up a pay-stub to get a loan he will have no secure income for the payback and a legal issue when it will be discovered. Someone can think that it is easy and not a big deal to make a fake pay stub, the paper will have what you write on it.

YouTube has some videos that can help. But the truth always come up, your lender can check with your employer or find out that you have no real employer, then you will have more problems than having no job, you will still have to pay the loan and may have to pay fine up to one million dollars and jail time too. 

The best way is, to be honest, and tell the truth to your lender, you may have a smaller loan or no loan, but you will not have more problems than you had before the adventure of making a fake pay stub.

Some People Try to Scam

Thinking of a fake pay stub? STOP! Now. Scamming insurance company, government or cheating a lender will make you harvest bitter fruits that will cost you more than any doubtful benefits. Fabricating a fake document and making use of it will leave you identity subject to be stained for the lifetime and any money you may make will be less than the lawyer’s fines and jail that you can “win.”

There are people that can do a fake pay stub for you, do not fall into this trap, unhonest people could turn on you and scam you with the knowledge that you are doing something illegal. No matter how desperate you may be, it does not worth the risk you are taking. If the company got caught, you will more then likely be tracked and taken as an accomplice

There are under the table pay stubs that are also illegal action. Once you are caught, you will have much more problems to solve than any help you can get by a fraudulent pay sub. The legal fees to get out of this wrong step you made will be too high to make it worth, not talking about fines and being marked as a criminal.

Accountants should not recommend fraud, do not trust one that recommends you a fake pay stub

Your accountant should look for a legitimate solution for your accounting, tax paying and payroll withholding and pay stubs. No short cuts worth the trouble. Run away from this accountant and look for a new one.

Not unemployed or your employer pay in cash. A fake pay stub is not your best solution, or better say the worst one. You need a 1099 or W-2 employment.

Online pay stubs should reflect real employment and a real salary. It can show you too, how much withholding you may have on different salaries or earnings for your plans about your money spending or compare job offers. Never make a fraudulent pay stub. Using a fake pay stub for loans or to any authorities is a crime that will create you more problem than you think you can resolve by the fraudulent pay stub.

You can create your pay stub yourself and ask your employer to certify it so it will have a proof of legitimacy. If you do not fake the pay stub, you can ask your lender to call your boss and have confirmation of your employment.

How to Generate a Pay Stub for Self-Employment

Why Employers Make Fake Pay Stubs

The other side of the fake pay stub world are the employers that can make you find yourself in a big problem. Some employers create fraud pay stub and make you an accomplice without you doing any wrong.

Employers can use fake pay stub in many ways. Tax evasion by increasing the costs, or do not pay ahead to the IRS or Social Security the withholding of payroll tax. If you suspect this is the situation with your employer get yourself an employment lawyer. Some lawyers will give you pro-bono advice. 

Migrants working blind eyes about labor law

How They Hurt Business

Fake pay stubs are bad for your small business; you can find yourself in hot water spending money on lawyers. Fraudulent pay stubs will not be good for your labor cost and will not appear as a cost of production making you losing money on tax calculation and the deduction you may be able to save from tax paying.

False pay stubs will give you problem with your workforce. Losing 


Trust is not good for your business; your employees may take advantage or start legal action against you and your company. Your pay stub must be made with the real working hours and rates to be a legitimate document.

The Sanctions For Fraudulent Pay stubs Isn’t Worth It

Nevertheless, if you think you can get away with fake pay stubs, the fear of suffering sanctions for using false pay stubs could have a shadow on you in the worst way.

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