Learn about: Baby Boomers and Mentoring strategies Part 1

Baby Boomers and Mentoring strategies


   By John Wolf


Mentoring is an Essential Strategic for Businesses

Mentor by Wikipedia:

Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but he or she must have a certain area of expertise.[1] It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.[1] Interaction with an expert may also be necessary to gain proficiency with/in cultural tools.[2] Mentorship experience and relationship structure affect the “amount of psychosocial support, career guidance, role modeling, and communication that occurs in the mentoring relationships in which the protégés and mentors engaged.”[3]

Our fast changing modern times are a love affair with what is new, and cool technological staff, we can quickly forget that experience makes knowledge. It will take a short time to learn how complicate machinery works, but it takes years to learn the sound of this machine when it is not operating correctly.

How to Start a Mentor-ship Program

The way to make this learning faster is to have some of those long-time operators to help your less experienced staff to catch up with the knowledge they accumulated during the years of work.

Organizations idolize the young and technological savvy recruits. They do not ignore too that the young are less expensive and easier to put in a nice cubicle sweatshops kind offices.

Companies are also recruiting and retain a mature workforce for their longtime knowledge and experience. The best of this time companies will help their HR administration to change the way they think of the workforce.

You mentor for your self with the help of the mentees

Each person brings different knowledge about how to organize and manage the workforce. The different generations will bring in something different and essential to your organizational operations.

A company that have a broad range of generations working together will enjoy an healthy atmosphere in the workplace Working with businesses that have different generations you can see that the sharing of knowledge can be moved by love, passion or the more professionally technique called monitoring, for the fostering of powerful synergistic release of cross-generational sharing, learning, and performance.

Baby Boomers as Successful Mentors

Talking about generation bring us to the Baby boomers as mentors. Baby boomers are those Americans that were born when the ww2 ended, and the soldiers came back home. They are the babies that were born the years 1944 -1964; now they are retired but looking for meaningful occupation.

The late-born baby boomers are now the managers of the and the generation x and the   Millennials

The baby boomers represent great knowledge, talent, and experience being about 76 million people.

Many baby boomers consider keeping being busy and look for new ways of work. Those highly experienced and knowledgeable people are looking for the move to pass this value to the next generation.

Baby boomers found to like collaborative learning and working in teams.

Mentoring provides a significant opportunity to use the baby boomers; it must have two for tango. The companies should be recognizing the advantage of mentoring and prepare

a strategic plan to get more recruits and retaining and increase the knowledge and skills of the employee.


Younger Workers Can Use Mentoring To Helps Develop Their Talents

It is common to hear the younger employees discontent and complain about their managers that push them with excessive demands but do not have the will, time or skills to guide them to succeed in their job.

The young employees are facing frustration and afraid that they may fail; this situation is pushing the younger employees to look for a better workplace. The stats tell us that at the average age of 30-44 has had a nomad work life changing up to ten different jobs.

If You Want to Develop Employees, Use Mentoring

Here we can see an excellent opportunity for the business and the old baby boomers that have a lot of knowledge of extensive network and a life long experience. This value will help the young employees to overcome their frustration, and focus on their career learning skill-based expertise for success.

Motoring strategy and creativity are essential for the success of a monitoring plan. Here we have some recommendations for your monitoring program.

Mentoring Guidelines

Monitoring is one of your strategic best tools for improving productivity, employees retention, and job satisfaction.

Doing an effective mentoring job is a time-consuming commitment for both sides, the workforce, and the mentor.

Monitoring will work only if the organization acknowledges its value and adjust the mentors time to be enough and sufficient for getting results with the mentees.

Using high-rank managers as a mentor will send to the employees a strong message about the importance the company has about the mentoring and the results expected for the business from the investment on mentoring its employees.

A good example can be the senior VP that mentors five or six employees and found out that one of the mentees need a different mentor, so he looks for a more appropriate person to mentor this individual employee.

The mentor will set goals for his mentees and give them the tools and strategies for achieving those goals. A mentor can use the approach of throwing to the water the mentees by letting them make presentations in senior front management, using the new skills they just got by the mentoring.

The mentor will provide the mentees a different perspective from different points of view, and reflect the skills acquired above the job titles. Jobs today are not just about climbing upscale but growing into the board world of knowledge in human behavior and high technology.

By sharing their life experience at work, the mentor can make the younger employees understand better how to manage their careers.

The mentor as a leader and teacher can help to see the obstacles that a manager can put in the employee’s development.

Mentoring and baby boomers can work the other way around. The younger employees can help the baby boomers with the new technical skills that are needed today, and in the marketing area, the younger co-workers can help the older once understand better the new generation of consumers. 

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