Learn about Building your best middle management staff Part II

Building your best middle management staff

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Keep your balance

The balance between the responsibilities of the senior and middle management depends on the type of organization and the nature of its customers,

The senior management should be taking care of the following four aspects.

1. Right strategic vision

2. The capability of the organization to deliver growth.

3. Keeping an eye on day-to-day operations

4. Motivating reports from middle management up to the senior management

Middle management role is translating the vision of the founders into the activities of the whole process. That means the day to day and short-term goals and be the liaison between the employees and the senior management.

HR’s role

Susan M. Heathfield in her article published by The Balance How to Develop a Job Description

“The Components of a Job Description”

“The more information you can gather, the easier the actual task of developing the job description will be.”

“Write the actual job description. Your company may have a format for job descriptions so check with Human Resources. Often, however, all HR expects is a list of the responsibilities and they prefer to develop the final format congruent with other job descriptions across the company.”

“These are the normal components of the job description:

Overall position description with general areas of responsibility listed,

  • Essential functions of the job described with a couple of examples of each,

  • Required knowledge, skills, and abilities,

  • Required education and experience,

  • A description of the physical demands, and

  • A description of the work environment.“

HR essential role is developing job responsibilities matching it to the skills of the individuals that have to do the work. Creating career plans helping the existing employees adjusting to the higher level of management.

What Does a Hiring Manager Do?

Each role have five key criteria that have to ensure it is essential and not unnecessary

  • Customers, sales and after sales.

  • What the employee needs to know for taking care of their role

  • Who they will lead or who are their subordinate

  • How far ahead are their horizon

  • What kind of problems they are there to solve.

A flatter structure will avoid unnecessary hierarchy with customer-facing roles like sales and customer service managers, Leaders that take care of general activities and specialists to take care of the technical part of the organization, like Software engineers for example. How Managers Choose The Employees They Promote

Ashira Prossack quote

“They look for self-starters.

One of the first ways a manager identifies a promising employee is by looking at how little or how much direction they require from their supervisors. The first people in line for promotion are excellent self-starters. They’re the ones who take the initiative without being prompted.

We can define some characters that will help us to put the right person in the right position.

  1. The “good employee” Steady and reasonable performance. Can stay in his position and develop.

  2. The Wanderer this is a person that needs to look for a different kind of job.

  3. The explorer is the employee that takes a challenge and keep up with it.

  4. The Brave is the one that does not afraid of total change by taking new and bigger jobs. This the model for promotion up to the middle management

Conversations about growth in the business

Times are changing, the organization has grown, and it must suffer changes for adaptation. Conversing with the employees will have a major impact on the workforce.

Using an open and transparent way to communicate with the workforce about changes in their position will make a much better atmosphere at the workplace. Employees would like to feel that the organization is growing and the changes are in favor of them too.

More money and better position on the company’s ladder up to the top is what your employees will look for. If they do not see the promotion prospects clear and close to their future, they will more than likely leave your organization for better prospects.

How to Hire for a Quickly Growing Company Without Losing Your Mind

Implementing the new leadership on the high and medium managing level will need you to pay special attention to ensure your staff buy into and being retained although the growth of it has changed the company’s reality.

Your newly requited middle tier should buy in before you hire them. It means that they need to know and accept the organization’s set up for this new size stage.

Growing too fast can be bad for you if you do not adapt your self and the whole company’s structure.

You may need first level production staff for the lower level and more supervisors for the second level employees. Consider promoting your workers to supervisors. Remember that the best worker is not necessarily the one with the talent to supervise your production. You better look for those that the trait of managing.

Promoting for one level to the upper level may be logic, if you think that the best supervisor will be a good foreman or the best head of a small department of 15 people will be good chose for the head of a big new department with 80 workers you may be surprised with the reality. The skills are entirely different; the volume makes a difference in the quality of work that is needed. The person that used to be close to his team will find it difficult to stay little far and be busy with paperwork that he did not have before the change.

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