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   By John Wolf 

One of the essential components of a happy life is a career. A happy job means fulfillment of your dreams and goals.

A happy career means getting up every morning and going to work with a joyful heart, waiting to start the day by doing what you like. The job that makes you happy will be different for some other people. Everyone has a particular comfortable job.

The career that will make you happy will make another person feel miserable.

For example, you can be happy as a bookkeeper, checking daily numbers. But being a school teacher for a first-year elementary school kid, the A B C will be a nightmare for you, but the dream career for somebody else.

This article will show you the five tips that will help you to choose the right career. Making the proper selection will avoid an unhappy career and frustration.

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Money and career

Most of us what to earn more money; the amount necessary to make you feel comfortable, though, depends on your cost of living and your expectations from life. 

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The relation to money is relative to your economic background. If your parents are wealthy, you will feel that $30,000 a year is not enough, and if you come from a household of $30,000, $40,000 will be helpful for you. 

Young and inexperienced people may think that a career that makes money will be the happiest. They do not know the trade-off exists for high-salary jobs. Being a partner in a big law firm, you will make a lot of money, but is it what you love to do? Maybe you are making less money, but owning your small book store and having contact with your book reader customers will make you happier.    Everyone has something he loves to do better than any other thing. 

Finding Happiness in Your Skin

You may be happy with an accountant’s job if you like things in order and balance. If beauty is your world, designing will be an excellent career. If you love working with teams, a copywriter gig at home alone is not your cup of tea. 


Happiness at the team

Many people like different jobs within broad career lines so that everyone can find what he likes better. 

Those who like science and medicine and love helping people may go for being a general physician. They will have what they want to do, using medication and treating people. 

How do you know what career you want to pursue?

Doctors who like medicine but are not human spirits can be research specialists without contact with the public.

Keep the Work-Life Balance

Some people love traveling. They have a nomad’s spirit. They love being in new places, sounds, foods and smells. They love meeting new people and new cultures in new countries. Those are the travelers that will love jobs like international sales representatives. The other will like to come home every day at 5 o’clock afternoon. 

Job on a silver plate

Some people need liberty with work hours, and they like to spend time with their children at school and volunteer for activities that can enrich their knowledge. They want to play tennis during the day, but it is hard to find careers that will make them happy with these conditions.

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The Goal of Internal Happiness 


You want your career to bring you happiness. You expect that your work will solve problems other than happiness from your job and make you feel happy; you need to land on reality. The career you hate will make your life miserable. But there are other jobs that you can tolerate and be happy for the rest of your life in a balance between the dream career and the good enough career. Good enough to enjoy what you do and have enough income for how you want to live.

The best career will not fix a broken marriage, but a promising career can give you the time to focus on family and marriage. A career that is good for your personality, yet you will still need to solve other problems before you get the happiness you want. Get consulting, and keep yourself away from toxic people. Balancing all the factors that make a career suitable for you will bring you joy. 

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Looking around is easy in our time. The Internet changed how we communicate and even the number of people we can ask for advice. Talk to your friend and family and look for forums on the Internet. Talking about a career will help you identify your potential happiest career and learn what jobs are available. You can use the network to look for the desired career that will bring you happiness; at the same time, you can find out what jobs are available. 

Career day at college or university would not be enough. Spread your talent and needs with your network to as many people as possible. Doing so increases the possibility of finding someone who will be interested in making you happy.


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