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What is The Job of Human Resources Professional




   By John Wolf

Job Description Basics for the HR Job

All the organizations that have employees working have a Human Resources Department, what the members of the HR are doing? What they do there? In this article, we will overview the role of the HR Manager and staff.

Salary. HR managers

Remembering that the most critical asset of the business is its people, with no people working and managing no operation will produce or supply service anything. The blood of the organization is the workforce that comes every day to work. The HR role is as essential the brain, heart, and lungs of a living human.

Human resource staff has an extremely role in the organization’s activities. The HR contribution to the operation if fundamental to the building of culture and the quality of the tissue that is made by the staff HR recruits.

Human resources department depending the size of the operation can have three different levels,  generalistmanager, or director. Each level has its part on the responsibilities of HR management.

These roles have different levels of authority and responsibility. The manager is the one that has more power of the three; Generalist is lower rang and the director is higher rang the responsibility is more supervision than real managing, the HR which is the manager’s world.

The director and managers of the HR may have more responsibilities like more departments with specialized staff, like training expert and compensation manager or the most known by the workforce, the recruiting manager.

HR staff members are advocates for both sides, the organization, and the workforce. A good HR manager will know how to balance between the needs of each party to get things better for themselves and both sides business and workforce.

Listen to Professor Peter Cappelli, Director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources, discuss the power of ideas to instigate change and shape how we act.

The Changing Human Resources Role

HR as anything in our fast-changing world is changing its role too. The traditional payroll, Sick day and vacation time, benefits hire and terminating employees are no longer the same. Technology is taking care of most of the administration tasks.

These days HR is more about people than about bookkeeping, Recruiting is about talents, traits, and culture for the election, and on-boarding at the second level. Keeping the workforce happy and retaining it working for a long time. HR best professionals are leading the charge.

HR is taking part in developing ways to address the strategic needs of the 21st-century business reality.

What was interviewing a line of applicants and see who can work for the company, is now choosing the best from referral and social media tons of information.

The company culture is a factor to make sure that the new employee and the company are having the same concept of culture.

Human Resources Director Job Description

New HR Role

HR managers of today must develop the ability to get in parallel the needs of a changing organization. A successful business becomes more adaptable, resilient and listening to the bells of the new administration. The new HR will look forward to the future needs of talents and type of professionals that will have to come into the workplace in the coming years.

The new workplace will have to be employee oriented organization, for this purpose new programs will be developed for meeting the needs of the employees for meaningful work, growth, challenge, and communication, above all, is effective leadership.

In this environment, the HR will have to gain the line managers respect for the new talents that are required for the new roles.

Dave Ulrich is one of the champions of Human resources from the University of Michigan, command three roles for an HR manager.

  • The partner for strategy,

  • The sponsor or advocate of employee

  • The mentor of change.

At the same time the old responsibilities especially those of the generalist are there for the day to day work. Problems and complaints of employees benefit management, in some cases payroll and paystubs, and other paperwork.

The Responsibilities List of the HR Professional

With some differences between the bigger and smaller organization, the HR manager has the responsibility for all what is concerning the workforce and other people that are staying in the workplace.

  • Recruiting

  • Hiring

  • Training

  • Organization Development

  • Communication

  • Performance Management

  • Coaching

  • Policy Recommendation

  • Salary and Benefits

  • Team Building

  • Employee Relations

  • Leadership

We started with the question, what the HR team is doing? Now we can see that there is a lot to do as a generalist, manager or director of human resources.

The role bears multiple responsibilities for a whole world of employees and the workplace. It must cover the employee to employee relationship. The employees to the company and visa verse. The managerial personal between themselves and the subordinates. The effect of anything at work on family member too.

HR must support the job of the managers who lead the workforce. The HR team leads the effort for the development of the organization. The HR staff is deeply involved with building the culture of the company that makes the thing go to the success of the customer service of the organization.

Those HR leaders must create the skills of their managers and their company to achieve these skills.

HR professionals are in a constant struggle to balance many roles and activities that are needed for the support of the business.

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