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Hiring staff is a vital action for any size business, in small business it is more important because any new member of your team be the only one that takes care of one area of action, In the case that you have only one salesperson that takes care of clients like supermarkets which are 20% of your sales . You can fail in finding the right person for this job, losing 20% of sales is way too high part of your whole sales and may lead you to lose your business.

Do you know how to interview the applicants?

The Best Way to Review a Resume

The future of your company depends on the person that will do the different roles, starting from the janitor up to the executives are important for the success of your business. Looking for new employees with enough knowledge of what they are going to do in your business is important.

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Some equal traits make them good candidates to be your employees, no matter in what kind of industry you are or what type of job you need the employee to accomplish there are some traits you need to make sure that your new employee is gifted with those traits.

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Focus on Ability: Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities

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What to look for on a candidate

Reading this article, you can see some of the traits that you need to find the candidates you select for working in your business.

  • Honesty is the first, no matter who good is the person you are interviewing, being honest is something you can not compromise. The salesperson that will fail to be honest with the clients or production employees that will report you fake information and money that was spent dishonestly will ruin your business.

  • Hire people that that can take action, they can take the wrong action, yet taking action is better than stay passive waiting for your order. People that lake the courage to take action will not find new and better solutions for your business. A saying from the time of slavery “tie the horse where his master says, even if it dies” show how damaging can be an employee that do not care to take action and challenge your orders when you may make a mistake.

  • An intelligent employee will learn faster how to do his job; he will help and not take your time to correct his errors and teach him again and again, the job causing you more stress than help. High intelligence is a trait you must find with your recruit.

  • Traits like being energetic and ambitious are essential characteristics, an employee that looks ahead for his success will make extra effort to push himself and the business.

  •  Independent personality will execute his work asking only about essential issues, you will not have to stay on top of him instead of spending your time doing your part in the business work.

  • Leadership is an essential trait for your new employee; it means that you can let this person grow into a managing position and enjoy much better help than from a person that is not blessed with a character of a leader.

  • Your business has a culture that was built by you and your present employees. A new member of your team must have the ability to adapt learn and join this culture.

Interviewing your candidate for the recruit.

Cultural Fit Assessment When Interviewing Candidates

  • An upbeat employee with optimistic personality will be a positive member of your team. People like good mood and happy environment in work. Productivity will keep good level where the employees are feeling good and enjoy working together.

  • Self-confidence is an essential trait for a recruit, it will help him to catch up in a new place. An employee that is not shy can ask for help if he feels he needs help or takes a challenge with no fear to fail. Sales need people that can radiate confidence. One can not radiate what he has not. ,

  • Positive experience or successful working history, proof of capacity is what was your candidate’s success in his past job or jobs. A resume can discover you a lot about the past of your candidates, look for those who had a reasonable level of achievement.

  • Strict in details personality can save you a lot of troubles is you give him the responsibility of supervising processes or thing like Quality Control. You can be sure that this kind of personality will not let a dot missing on i.

  • Modesty is a noble trait. A modest employee will do his job with no shouting words but with real results on their job. Quiet and modest people will do a better job than those who spend energy using “megaphones” to tell how good they are.

  • You need hard working people, a team that does a good job can have one member that is not on the same level. You pay one more salary but get less of it. The result, efficiency, and productivity are the names of your game. No place for unproductive employees.

  • Presentable employees are most important when they have to meet clients. Applicants for any job show a direct correlation between well dressed and successful applicants. The equation for this is simple if one can not make himself clean and well dressed how he will do it for his job and the business he is working.

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Your team can be trained and taught the technical part of your business, whether it is service or production, high tech or low tech. As you are dealing with adults that have their personality mature, you can not think of teaching the good personality traits that their parents did not motivate them.

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When you build your staff as a working team, you need to look for the best mixture of characters and traits. People deliver the best of themselves when they are doing what they like and feel comfortable with the day to day activities. You can have a great programmer which is not a good leader and a mediocre technician that is great leader and organizer, let him take the lead.

Recruiting the best people is something that you have to learn or use some professionals to help you. Your employees are the motor of your business look for the best.

After you achieved to recruit the best group for your business, do not neglect to keep them working for you, never forget to issue your pay stubs.

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