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Use Mentoring For the Developing Of your Employees



   By John Wolf

Mentor and How Does One Can Develop Your Employees?

According to the Oxford Living Dictionary

The Definition Mentor is:  

An experienced person in a company or educational institution who trains and counsels new employees or students.

regular meetings between mentor and trainee help guide young engineers through their early years’ 

Churchill. Quote:

mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” 

Mentoring can be a formal or informal between an experienced employee and inexperienced or new employee.

Mentoring is used to help the employee to learn the workplace culture and norms as quickly as possible.

The second use of mentoring is helping the employee to grow in his or her position and be able to go upscale to the next post.

How to mentor

Mentoring in the workplace can be used for specific training on a new procedure or changing the role of the employees.

A mentor’s job in a workplace will be passing information to other employees so they will be able to do their job in a better way and grow to be ready for the next level job. Mentors make the mentees riching new level of knowledge, be more sophisticated and develop the career.

The best workplace mentoring relationships will involve the exchange of particular knowledge that will help the employees to adapt themselves to the organization in the shortest time possible.

Assimilating new role can be much faster when mentoring is used in the workplace as an obligatory plan for the new employees or those that are going to have a new role. Mentors employees will negative faster towards the new role or process.

New Employee Mentors in Onboarding

Some companies have to mentor as part of the onboarding process. In smaller organizations, mentoring relationships grow spontaneously over time.

Researchers found that the workforce that was exposed to mentoring have higher retention rates, learn fast the company culture and adapt to it too.

Mentoring at the workplace

The on-boarding process has some other component than the mentors that can be a peer or co-worker that are already mature and knowledgeable. It can be the same team leader. There is a day to day mentoring done in the workplace by the direct supervisors and low-level managers, though it is recommended to have an additional professional mentor that will meet the mentees out of the working area, in a conference room or cafeteria.

The relationship with a supervisor will not lose the evaluation aspects required for the worker to get success in the workplace.

Mentoring skills and art can be developed over the years by training and experience.

The Mentoring By the Employee’s Buddy

In the past, there was an employee called a buddy that has the job of helping the new employees to incorporate the workforce culture and handbook.

The buddy’s style of mentoring is more like a friendship, and it is expected that the buddy will fully introduce the new employee to the workplace. This friendship may become a life long friendship.

Alison Laithwaite from Manchester Metropolitan University describes:

Guidelines for approaching the first meeting

If you have not done this role before it can seem daunting and this is matched by the new starter feeling a bit overwhelmed possibly by a new role and new environment. The following will help establish your relationship and decide on how you are both going to make use of the buddy scheme.

  • A contact

  • A friendly face

  • An informal source of information on the team and department

  • Someone who knows how things work across the organization and is prepared to share that experience

Personal attributes of a good buddy include:

  • The ability to listen

  • Openness and commitment to being a buddy – it can be a learning experience for both parties

  • Good time management and self management skills Relevant knowledge and experience to be able to provide the right level of support

  • An honest and considerate approach to giving feedback and asking challenging questions including the ability to give constructive feedback

  • Ability to identify learning opportunities • Ability to use questions to encourage new starters to think for themselves

  • A willingness to learn

A good buddy can take the employee out for lunch with some other employees. Make the employee meet the other managers is one more important role of a buddy.

Your organization needs to have an effective new employees orientation together with the buddy’s mentoring.

Examples of the Best Company Mentoring Programs

Looking For Additional Mentors

An employee can seek out an additional mentor because he or she needs more help in his or her career development.

An experienced employee or a manager can offer the additional mentee information that the employee want or need

It can be a cross-departmental help between the production and marketing managers.

Some production goals or problems solving can be made with a better understanding of the market, or marketing team member can ask the production manager to change something in the product that they feel that there is demand in the market.

Mentoring relationship can help the employee that lacks some essential skills that are needed for growth in the same organization naturally that the best buddy for this will be the one that knows more about those skills. Only a high skilled co-worker can make the job of mentor for the particular skills that the employee is interested in.


Mentoring is a most essential human behavior, since the d dawn of humanity, the old members of the family or tribe mentored and trained the young in all the needs of life like hunting and building shelters making fire and cooking for the women. The elder members of the group were the savvy once that taught and mentored the tribe.

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